FDE.AI v8.0 [Patched] APK is Here ! [Latest]

WARNING! ROOT access is required for this app! Make a backup of your data just in case before installing this app. Don't use any other All-in-One system tweakers with FDE.AI or things may get bad! I warned you!
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January 26, 2020
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FeraDroid Engine (FDE) an All-in-One ultimate optimizer for all devices running Android OS. All parameters are individual for EVERY device depending on it’s hardware/software characteristics. All parameters are very balanced – you may gain performance without increase of power consumption AND reduce power consumption without losing performance. FDE.AI Apk is totally compatible with very wide range of devices and Android OS versions.



WARNING! ROOT access is required for this app! Make a backup of your data just in case before installing this app. Don’t use any other All-in-One system tweakers with FDE.AI or things may get bad! I warned you!
If you already have FDE (magisk) module installed – uninstall it before using this app.

As you may notice from the app name “FDE.AI” – can tell us that it has a real AI inside. AI will learn how do you use your device, check out current usage scenario and adapt some system parameters real time to give you best usage experience. No personal data is collected, analyzed or sent anywhere.

FDE – very universal Android OS optimizer. Very wide-range settings of OS and Linux kernel are configured, still being cross-platform utility, maximally compatible with all devices. This means that it doesn’t have any dirty hacks/hard codes and 3rd part binaries. FDE applies configurations depending on hardware and software of device, so that in the end every device is configured individually.

Compacted list of most included features:

Disables background apps limit
Removes app-switching delay
Disables background app-restart if OOM occured
Disables RIL dumps
RIL power-saving tweaks
App-manager power-saving tweaks
Enables dynamic FPS support
Disables WiFi debugging
Disables home launcher kill when OOM
Disables DalvikVM various chekings
Disables system logging/tracing
Disables scrolling cache
Disables forced camera sound
Reduces UI renderer load
Disables UI renderer log
Increases media compression quality
Disables media codecs log
App scrolling tweak
Disables kernel code checks
Enables HW UI rendering
Activates tripple-buffering
Reduces frames draw latency
Activates HW video playback support
Java-code compilation optimizations (Dalvik/ART)
Reduces maximum amount of autostarting apps
Optimizes DalvikVM/ART for your CPU cores count
Activates 4K-video support YouTube app
Activates CAM2API and EIS
Optimizes audio buffer for speed and power-saving
Tweaks wireless display to be more smooth
Activates security againsta various Stagefright vulnerabilities
Increase network speed for GSM/Wifi connections
Activates new fast OpenGL renderer
Activates system hardware rendering
Optimizes WiFi module for power saving
Speeds up UI elements draw
Activates Project-butter
Applies SElinux fixes
Disables/kills various wakelocks
Increases memory DalvikVM/ART execution
Applies various fixes for mediaserver and Google services
Checks all device partitions file systems for errors
Runs FSTRIM command for all system partitions
Activates and tunes fast-charge support
Optimizes touchboost/inputboost
Reduces power consumption on supported displays
Disables min CPU freq limit
Enables microphone gain
Optimizes CPU sleep modes
Enables dynamic bus frequencies while idling
Activates power-efficient scheduling settings
Activates SimpleGPU mode if supported
Optimizes speed and sensivity of touchscreen
Tweaks Adreno/Mali GPU
Activates dynamic file sync
Disables debugging for all system moduler
Enables protection against net vulnerability CVE-2016-5696
Optimizes net interfaces for speed and power-savings
Resets battery stats once
Optimizes long-press time
Disables ANR/Dropbox debugging
Disables various WiFi test
Optimizes system animations depending on your CPU
Optimizes Doze and LightDoze and restricts Google services to reset theese settings
Cleans a lot of cache/trash in system files
Makes deep optimization on I/O queues and shedulers
Tweaks I/O cache for all system
Tweaks EXT4 FS mounted partitions for speed and power-saving
Tweaks LowMemoryKiller
Tweaks system processes priority
Activates and optimizes zRAM (depends on your RAM)
Activates and optimizes KSM
Optimizes kernel sleepers
Optimizes kernel sched parameters
Tweaks entropy parameters
Makes deep optimization for VM and system cache
Disables VM dumps
Tweaks FS parameters in kernel
Disables kernel panic
Optimizes reserved CPU bandwidth for background tasks
Optimizes kernel for multy-core CPUs
Disables RAM dumps
Applies universal CPU tweaks for any governor
Activates L2 CPU cache low-power state
Tries to apply SafetyNET patches
Enables and tunes EAS
Enables and tunes HMP
Tweaks any CPU governor
Tunes CGroups parameters

Mod Info

Languages: All
License check removed
Signature verification removed

What's new

Corrections and improvements. You can see the full list of changes in the application itself.
Added settings information button


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