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Released onFeb 27, 2015
UpdatedJun 1, 2023
Version4.100 FULL
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FitProSport APK provides various workouts and expert guides to help users get in shape. These workouts require no special equipment and can be done anytime. Additionally, it includes a variety of features designed to help users stay focused and maximize their workout benefits during the most intense and productive exercises.

FitProSport Apk

Guided exercises

A key benefit of FitProSport is that it provides ample exercise with customized audio or video instructions, allowing users to keep up with their own pace. All exercises can be modified to suit different abilities or target specific muscle groups to maximize training time and minimize fatigue for everyone. Planning aside, users can add their favorite content to customize their workouts and work hard to reach their fitness goals.

Personalize specific workout recommendations

If the user is new to bodybuilding, the system allows her to get training recommendations by entering her fitness and choosing her preferred workout modality. Everyone can sustain longer because the combo involves the right work of the right muscles. Additionally, the recommendation system constantly suggests new exercises to help users become more complete in different muscle areas while maintaining an appropriate level of fitness.

Create a new workout plan

FitProSport’s built-in scheduling system allows users to freely change the intensity and duration of their bodybuilding workouts. Sets, exercises, and routines should be tailored to each individual’s preferred pace so that the body can adapt as quickly as possible.A plan is displayed when planning, so users can set goals for a specific period or month. Easily track your progress towards weight or fat loss mass.

Numerous exercises with different approaches

All bodybuilding exercises can be performed using only the user’s body weight to progress through various exercises. By combining the benefits of yoga with other exercises, anyone can improve flexibility and muscle tone. Those with access to the equipment can also use the search interface to perform targeted workouts to maximize their time and build muscle mass through precise and systematic user application.

Train in tablet mode for efficiency

Users who use the device’s additional tablet features to track and maintain workout consistency can better protect critical areas and dislocations while exercising. Exercises include various animations and other useful features to keep users always having new and exciting exploration and training experiences. The best thing about this app is that users can invite their friends to have fun together while performing virtual exercises and completing challenges.

FitProSport is the best option for achieving a perfect and healthy body through quality exercise. It also helps people monitor the caloric effects of food and consumption, helping them maintain an active lifestyle and improve performance. The system’s extensive personalization options give users ample scope to make the system work for them and create their own records and workouts that maximize their training rate.

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- Updated for new versions of Android
- Added new functionality for the timer
- Bugs fixed


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