Flat Zombies MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 2.0.2 For Android

Flat Zombies MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

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May 25, 2023
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Unlimited Money


Flat Zombies is a shooting game where you fight giant zombies. Your job is to clean all the corridors in the hospital and use your ultimate weapon to keep the zombies away.


Your world is nearing its end. There are many dangers around you and most importantly hundreds of huge waves of zombies. In each mission you are sent to clean up the corridors in order to save yourself and the lives of those around you. To avoid contracting disease, the player must choose the ultimate weapon with which he can shoot against the zombie menace. Flat Zombies has many levels corresponding to many zombie corridors that you need to pass through.

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Many unique game modes

Horrifying zombie hordes threaten the lives of those around them. To survive safely from a zombie invasion in Flat Zombies, players must master the task. The game has different game modes and each mode offers different levels and difficulty. First and foremost, you need to complete the quick clean mode. Save lives and destroy many corridors.

An arsenal with diverse genres

Flat Zombies is considered the scariest shooter of all time. Besides saving lives from dangerous creatures, zombies often appear and eat living humans, especially at night. To combat waves of these despicable zombies, the player must choose the right weapon to face them. Hundreds of different weapons support you. You can also make your own weapons.

Different types of enemies

A zombie horde is not just a man. It is divided into levels of ferocity and ferocity. In the first level he has 3 lives and faces simpler zombies. An opportunity to challenge and practice your weapon handling skills. Zombies are also divided into many tiers. The higher you go, the longer the zombies live and the harder they are to kill.

Results depend on skill

Use all your confidence and strength to fight this evil mob with confidence. Choose the right weapon to achieve the most prestigious victory in each tough match. Remember that sniper skills give different results. Each zombie is destroyed. The score increases according to the level of zombies. The more zombies you kill, the higher your score. Especially the shooting ability also affects the score.

Strengthen the defense

As you know, the number of zombies increases with each level. Even if you didn’t make a good strategy, in Flat His Zombies the zombies are littering the corridors with no chance of being rescued. Losing a fight will kill you at that level, but your weapons will be of the same quality and will continue to be used in the next level. But up your defenses. Install barricades throughout the territory.

Save a friend’s life

Zombie mobs rampage in the streets, unafraid of loud gunfire, especially at night. You and your teammates – Flat Zombie Warriors and Doctors – will work with you to stop the zombie evolution. If you find a teammate injured, save them immediately if you don’t want to spread the virus right away or risk the life of the accompanying doctor.


– Experience the horror of zombies in a variety of unique game modes, especially the cleanup mode – which requires spending as few lives and clearing as many corridors as possible.
– Hundreds of unique weapons help players fight off waves of monstrous zombies, especially players who are allowed to create their own special weapons based on the obtained items.
– The zombie crowd is classified according to many different ranks; the higher they go, their cruelty and lives will be upgraded, making it difficult for you to destroy them.
– Regularly practice your sniping skills before going to war because your sniper skills will affect the final outcome – which will help you move up the leaderboard.
– Strengthen the defenses around your area by building barricades with bulletproof devices or items engraved with zombie life.

What's new

• Weapons: Silencers and MP5;
• Weapons: New shooting sounds;
• Weapons: BarrettM99 and BarrettM107 have different types of ammunition;
• Office mode has weapons purchase;
• Fixed zombie bugs;

• New "Dark Office" mode with a flashlight;


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