Forward Assault MOD APK (Mega Menu, Map Hack)

Best online and multiplayer shooter tactics in FPS game. first-person shooter with tactical gameplay, become the leader of a swat team, and get ready take down killers, terrorist and international criminals. High-quality graphics, and fast-paced shooting action game play.
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DeveloperBlayze Games L.L.C.
Released onJun 12, 2017
UpdatedMar 12, 2024
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Radar mod (Enemy Visible On MAP)


Forward Assault MOD APK is the best online and multiplayer shooter tactics in FPS games. a first-person shooter with tactical gameplay, become the leader of a swat team, and get ready to take down killers, terrorists, and international criminals. High-quality graphics, and fast-paced shooting action game play.

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Forward Assault is a great playground for players with friends on a busy, wild and passionate battlefield. It also uses a flawless 3D engine to immerse players in the most entertaining and fast-paced FPS shooter in its mobile genre. Plus, with tons of modes and featured events happening constantly, everyone can earn tons of great rewards and have fun together.

Fast and innovative FPS Gameplay

Forward Assault is fundamentally different from most of today’s FPS games as it offers a fast-paced feel, exciting combat, and plenty of excitement for the player. Masu. Also, many game modes, different weapons, and many extensive maps have been created to improve the pace and atmosphere of each game. In addition, the control mechanisms and support systems are also delicate and are of paramount importance in ensuring the most comfortable experience for the player.

Exotic, Creative and Dynamic Game Modes

The variety of game modes is also a highlight of this game, the content of which changes constantly to diversify the gameplay. In many game modes, in addition to facing off against real players, players also battle countless abominations and strange objects. However, the exclusive rewards from the game modes are impressive and generous, always attracting many players and greatly increasing the excitement.

Smooth and Interactive Controls Forward Assault’s control mechanics and support system promise players a new FPS experience that most games can’t offer. This reduces unnecessary operations, integrates many advanced features, and gives players complete flexibility no matter what situation they find themselves in. The control system also offers a wide range of customization options for those seeking maximum comfort.

Wide Selection of Weapons and Gear

Weapons have always been a key element to the greatness of his FPS games, and in this game everything is kept in perfect and absolute balance. No matter what weapon a player uses, whether it’s a pistol, submachine gun, AR, or sniper, each weapon is balanced according to its role. Additionally, players can easily create different loadouts by combining weapons and equipment for the best effect.

Show off your skills in Versus Mode

Versus Mode features a professional ranking system, and Forward Assault wants everyone to seriously do their best in these games. The rewards and pace of the game vary dramatically, as players must constantly compete with pros and experts. As players reach higher ranks, they receive new rewards and privileges that open up new opportunities in their career.

Endless Fun Playing with Friends

The great thing is that the game has always focused on connecting with friends and participating in battles, and players can build teams of up to 5 people per mode. Depending on the game mode you choose, the rewards when playing in a group will increase significantly. Meanwhile, the game supports many useful communication features such as radio, voice chat, ping, etc., which makes each team’s combat performance better and more professional.

Forward Assault relies heavily on innovative game modes to entertain players, and the reward system is generous as well. The best part is that it focuses on fighting with friends. As such, many events, activities, and missions revolve around elements of teamwork and pure fun onboard the train.

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- bug fixes again


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