Haunted Dorm MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

You enter a dorm, and the dorm is haunted.
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Released onFeb 28, 2022
UpdatedJan 26, 2024
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Unlimited Resources / No Ads Free Rewards


Haunted Dorm MOD APK is a scary game where you have to protect a tower using strategies. In the game, you have to stay away from ghosts chasing you and find a good place to hide. Establish defensive structures called turrets by boosting the economy and protect against harmful supernatural creatures.

Haunted Dorm Mod 1

In the game, you can only build on the floor that doesn’t have anything on it. When you tap on the empty floor, a menu for the building options will appear. In the game, players must choose to build buildings based on their own financial situations, in order to gradually increase their advantages. If you beat the ghost, you win the game. But if the ghost beats you, you lose the game.

There are many different ways to have fun with this helpful format. Use your imagination and create the ideal world in your mind. Creating your own world is great. You can use your imagination to make amazing sights and sounds. Experience a unique and enjoyable way to play the game with fun game features.

  • Generous rewards, a lot of levels and so on you to challenge.
  • Thwart the forces of darkness, to protect the world of freedom and dreams
  • The game sound effects are lively and joyful, the picture is gorgeous, the rhythm is bright.
  • Interesting content involved, with your most unique operation to complete each challenge, with the operation to get points.
  • To learn the game inside a lot of small skills, we can have a lot of play, is completely on their own

Game highlights:

  • Can choose from thousands of ways to help you on your journey combined.
  • Build your own favorite world, which is a very good thing, use your imagination, to boldly create fun strategy game play, simple point-and-click operation, players of all ages can quickly get started. there is always one of them is suitable for you, you can directly in the lobby can be set directly.
  • Fine and delicate graphics, colorful content



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