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From the flame shot of Korea to the ghost captain of Great Britain!
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DeveloperD&D Dream
Released onOct 4, 2016
UpdatedMar 14, 2024
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Head Basketball very beautiful and exciting sports game in the setting of basketball. Characters resembling the head with their legs will have a unique talent for “shooting” balls. This will help them to cope with serious opponents, and win with a crushing score, but you need to be careful not to give your opponent a chance for a successful response. Many characters, locations, enemies, and other clothing will not get bored for a second.

Head Basketball MOD APK


Head Basketball originally used the concept of one-on-one basketball to create friendly, light-hearted gameplay, but a lot of violence was added to change everything. Players must lead the ball and collect points while battling against their opponents to create an overwhelming position against them. In addition, many activities and unique content are introduced regularly to make it easier for players to creatively enjoy the game with the pros.

Main Features

Pure chaotic and intense basketball gameplay

Each episode or pace of Head Basketball is based on his one-on-one basketball game, but players can use weapons to KO enemies. This involves physical attacks that put both sides at a disadvantage, but most importantly the ball must be dunked or headbutted. In addition to these factors, the variety of game modes also presents new opportunities for people of all careers.

Original avatar with a unique design

The most impressive feature is the avatar that represents the player in the game based on the famous basketball character. Simple design.
His four-limbed head creates humor and friendliness through gestures and interactions. In the meantime, many new avatars will be made available to everyone through reward content or regularly around the world.

Multiple skills and actions to fight

In addition to scoring like in a regular basketball game, Head Basketball’s characters have a ridiculous variety of equipment and weapons at their disposal. They all show some of the avatar’s personality, but actions and special abilities are enough to make things exciting as they KO opponents. Energy must be expended to perform the ability, creating an absolute balance in the game.

Different game modes with total creativity

Additional game modes in the main game are variations of the main game mode, but with additional entertainment features and variations. On the other hand, they also affect the player’s achievements and game experience, so each content offers a completely different gaming experience. The good news is that every game mode has a special event where everyone can earn even more generous and worthy rewards.

Intense PVP battles in different leagues

Head Basketball introduces several exciting and fun tournaments, increasing complexity and difficulty for players. For this reason, if you want to keep getting more bonuses and perks, you should participate in tournaments. This will help you decide which level is right for your career. In each tournament, players’ standings are determined by wins and losses, and you can play against many players of various levels.

Update your avatar with new content

Every player’s avatar has an independent upgrade system to improve combat performance and accuracy. Many new abilities and actions are unlocked through these systems, such as increased damage and attack range. Also, many combos and techniques allow anyone to perform flashy epic moments to achieve absolute victory.

Keys Features

  • Pure chaos from basketball fighting gameplay with intuitive and interactive controls.
  • Hilarious character designs represent famous characters worldwide.
  • Fascinating game modes with fundamental changes in controls and rules for entertainment.
  • Bustling grand tournaments for glorious opportunities and fortunes for the career.
  • Diverse weapons and character development for creative yet engaging gameplay experiences.


Head Basketball is the perfect combination of humorous sports elements and intense combat pace with an exotic atmosphere. The best thing is to continuously introduce new content to diversify the events and activities for players and create the most chaotic game with friends.

What's new

+Fixed bug+
- Czechia ( Dominik ) Unlock bug



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