HERETIC GODS MOD APK (Menu, Money, God Mode)

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Released onFeb 10, 2018
UpdatedJan 28, 2024
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Mod Info

  • One Hit Kill
  • God Mode
  • Unlimited Gold
  • VIP Unlocked


HERETIC GODS Mod APK – Dungeon crawler with classic action gameplay. It feels like an arcade hack-and-slash game. Heretic God is a great option for those who appreciate mobile ARPGs and want to diversify their game portfolio.


Core game content

The plot of “Gods of Heresy” contains many of the elements that make action role-playing games (ARPGs) classics. The game’s creators take you to a dark area full of dangerous monsters and hidden dungeons. Additionally, the game’s setting and structure are heavily influenced by Viking mythology, so players will encounter some unique aspects as they progress through the game.

The goal is simple, but achieving it is not easy. If you want to cast out heretical gods, you’ll have to go deep into the monastery. This mission cannot start until all dungeon-level tasks are completed. Besides fighting monsters, there are other enemies in the dungeon. This means that the hero must be strong enough to survive.

Instructions on how to play the God of Heresy game

Mastering combat tactics and utilizing your talents is essential to overcoming increasingly difficult situations, even if you’re dealing with just a single character. The game’s developers created strategic structures and character upgrades to differentiate it from its competitors. Therefore, it is necessary to consider various objective and subjective aspects that determine personality.

Increasing hit points, strength, agility, health, and defense should be your priority. Each of these criteria directly affects combat ability. So keeping all of this high and in balance is beneficial to you. Other measures also contribute significantly to the overall quality of the game. These include fire damage, poison damage, ice damage, attack power per second, attack rating, critical chance, stun chance, knockback chance, shatter chance, and other forms of elemental damage.

These items fall into two different categories.

With melee and ranger attacks, this stat is very useful in fighting enemies. Weapons and equipment also contribute significantly to overall strength, depending on their respective values. It works like most other games in the genre, upgrading your gear increases your overall strength. Additionally, as you progress through missions to exterminate the Translators, you’ll earn experience points that you can spend on leveling up and learning new talents. These qualities make the project more challenging, but I’m sure the increased realism will pique your interest.

Emphasis on Heretical Gods

If you want to accomplish the main goal of the Heretical Gods, you need to set aside time for it. Players assume their roles and must face many dungeons and levels to achieve the final victory. The game includes over 48 different skills that you can use to customize your gaming experience. In conclusion, I want to assure you that your time playing this game is never wasted. The game includes unique features such as choosing from 3 different inventions, unlimited creation of random magical items, and discovering hundreds of unique products and sets.


  • Action Role Playing Game with Epic Loot and dungeon exploration
  • Set in a dark world of Viking Myths with a mission to banish heretical gods from a cursed abbey
  • Intuitive control system with virtual crossbar and attack/skill buttons
  • Randomly generated dungeons for endless replayability with different enemy variations
  • Loot hundreds of different items, trade with villagers, and craft your gear
  • Accessible gameplay with short levels for mobile gaming
  • Customizable character-builds with 48+ skills and adjustable graphics settings
  • Innovative auto-targeting and optional auto-fight system
  • Fully playable for free with 3 difficulty levels and ongoing updates for new content
  • Future updates include more unique items, enemies, boss enemies, quests, skills, and game environments.

What's new

Update 1.30.15 Mega BugFix
fixed Bugs:
- Player get stuck in geometry
- GameSetting not saved
- Arena stage 7 no monster spawn
- SpiderWeb dont stick on Allies
- Lair Key opens the Pit after Lair finished
check details on DISCORD



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