Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.1.97

Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

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Jul 10, 2023
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Mod Info

1. Unlimited Money
2. Unlimited Stars
3. Unlimited Brushes
4. Unlimited Energy
5. Unlimited Tickets
(Increase when you spent)


Hidden Hotel brings you to explore a whole new world, and here you are, someone who is searching for the things you want. This fun game is enjoyable because it brings you to various hotels, and your goal is to transform them into the perfect paradise. Valuable items will slowly start showing up in these hotels, and that is something you want to have. Visit the big houses and grab the items you really want to complete the game’s challenge.

hidden hotel miami mystery 1


In this game, the player needs to search for things and keep them to take care of ourselves. The player can choose where to go, like an old fancy house or a struggling hotel. Hidden Hotel always surprises people, and the best part is that the challenge doesn’t end, it keeps getting harder.

There is debris all around us, and everything looks very disorganized. If you enjoy cleaning and making things look nice, your job will be to transform the hotel into a wonderful place. And that is also what the game wants you to do. All the secrets slowly show up, and then the funny stories come up in this game.


Hidden Hotel has many different things for you; you have to try to remember them fast in the given time. Once you have finished memorizing, the next step is to check out the rooms. Each room is very disorganized and needs to be completely cleaned up before you can collect your belongings. The things will slowly show up as you go through the steps, and then you can easily get them. However, there is one condition: you must remember and look for things in the specific order that the game asks for.

The challenge will become harder

You will be given more and more difficult tasks, and you need to try to complete them quickly. The tasks will get harder little by little, and you will need to face more and more challenges along the way. Hidden Hotel will provide you with helpful suggestions, and every time you correctly use a hint, you will need to pay a specific amount of gold. After you finish the challenge, you will get a lot of money to help you unlock the next tasks.

What's new

"Greetings, hotelkeepers! Today, we are happy to present you with a new Hidden Hotel update! Here's what is waiting for you:
- A new Match-2 mode! Remove the given number of colored tiles from the field until time runs out to beat these levels!
- Improved looks for Sunny Sprint and Save the Parrot events!
- Awesome new offers that will take your gaming experience to the next level!
Join your favorite characters in unraveling mysteries and renovating Hidden Hotel! They all miss you so much!"



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