iCallScreen – iOS Phone Dialer MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)
Currently, users are filling boring with new old-style caller screens so we bring you iCallScreen - OS14 Phone X Dialer Call Screen OS15 for you. In this full screen caller id, you can get the same filling like you are using phone X or OS 14 or OS15 device. In this caller screen app has contacts list, recent list, favourite list, and dialer T9 search keypad. There are also many settings for the slide to answer callscreen like swap accept and decline button, change colorful backgrounds, change ringtones, block - unblock users, and sim card preference for changing sim card settings. Also in callscreen app users can add calls, see contacts, add a reminder for the call, send a message when you are not able to take calls, merge calls with the conference call, swap call, and split from the conference. so that's why it makes you fill like you are OS 14 and phone X user. App also have caller name announcer option that announcer callers name or number
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Released onMay 31, 2020
UpdatedMar 6, 2024
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Mod Info

๏ Premium Features Unlocked
๏ Ads Removed
๏ Most of Analytics Disabled
๏ Unwanted Services, Receivers and Providers Removed
๏ Ads Activities, Trackers, Services and Providers Removed
๏ Google Play Billing Disabled
๏ AOSP Compatible (No Google)
๏ CPUs: universal
๏ Debug Info Removed
๏ Original package signature changed


Take a look at iCallScreen MOD APK, Dialer/Dialpad on iOS phones. Enjoy iPhone iOS 14, iOS 15, iOS 16 and iOS 17 features on your Android device.

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You can transfer contacts between iOS and Android operating systems using the unique feature uniqueness of iCallScreen. Specialized conversion options are provided to you within the app, which can be tailored to your specific needs. Additionally, if you’re using the latest version of iOS, the look of your contacts, ringtones, and watch faces will automatically update to reflect the new design. Now you can access more creative dialing options for your device as the app adds new advanced features.


Users want to switch to the new iOS interface. to avoid the monotony of traditional dialing and have more fun with your device. Therefore, the app has a unique feature that allows Android users to easily switch to the iOS operating system. When you apply a theme to your device, the app uses one of the unique new interface styles it offers.

When you change the look of your contacts, all Settings in the Contacts application will be updated. to reflect your preferences. These changes will overwhelm you; however, you must adapt to make a strong impression. In addition to changing the contact appearance outside the home screen, the app also allows you to modify these settings in various places.


The application allows you to modify or customize contact settings so that they suit each need you establish. You will have access to new wallpapers and can choose any wallpaper for your device. Additionally, ringtones will be updated and standard ringtone formats will be prioritized in terms of design. However, you can select a different ringtone and adjust it to each incoming or outgoing call cycle.

The call answer and decline buttons will also move and Their placement can be customized to meet your needs. specific request. You can also schedule automatic responses for a variety of situations, saving you time and allowing you to get more done. The app also includes a button that lets you swipe to reply to messages while pretending your device is running Apple’s iOS operating system. Additionally, the app notifies contacts about incoming and expected calls at a specific time.


Additionally, depending on the time of day, the app lets you choose between a light mode and a dark mode. You can use dark mode for your contacts when working in low light conditions. The goal is to extend battery life, save space and reduce the risk of eye injuries caused by the device. Set your device to “outdoor” mode and use it in moderate lighting conditions when outdoors to protect your eyes from harmful outside elements.


This app works on a very different version of iOS than on other versions, but the SIM card system still works. Since the app allows you to use two sims and two waves, you will be able to perform a variety of tasks. You can also use a special built-in mode or set two separate ringtones for each SIM card if you want to use the same ringtone on both SIM cards. Since it consumes little power and is lightweight, you can be sure that this application can be installed on a variety of electronic devices.

What's new

- Added Speed Dial Screen
- Improved Design for Contact Details & Settings
- Added Fake Call Feature
- Fixed Call Button Style issue
- Added Option for Change Accept and Decline Call Button style
- Added Call Log Grouping
- Added Flash on Call (Blink Flash Light on Incoming call)
- Bug Fixed
- Improved Performance & User Experience


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