Ice Age Village MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Embark on a fun and frozen journey through the Ice Age universe. In his hunt for his favourite acorn, across the frozen lands, Scrat has accidently cracked the Earth's crust.
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DeveloperGameloft SE
Released onApr 5, 2012
UpdatedMar 25, 2024
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From the famous movie Ice Age comes the game Ice Age Village. Interestingly, there is a strong connection between movies and games. Even though it doesn’t focus too much on famous movies, the game is still very engaging. The game is based on the timeline after the breakup of Pangea. At the same time, many new creatures have appeared. This is the first scene when the game starts. There are also stories told in cutscenes through photos and dialogue. A prehistoric animal habitat destroyed by continental drift. Her two main characters in this film, Manny the mammoth and Syd the sloth, are trying to create a village to house all the poor creatures.

Ice Age Village MOD APK

If a new creature appears in your village, it’s because you’ve opened a new character. The nice thing about the game is that the currency is still maroon, just like in the movies. That’s what I like about the game.

Main Features

Efforts will be rewarded

This type of game is nothing new. Ice Age Village is like many other games of the same genre. You are assigned two main missions.
Gather resources, gain experience, and unlock new stories. In addition, there are other small tasks.

In particular, many people buy items by unlocking chests and collecting coins according to the level of the village. At the same time, any other free-to-play player can buy them with his orc money at any time.

About animals

Animals not only serve as a food source but also help you earn money and experience points. Animals come in a variety of shapes and personalities. Mammals, dinosaurs, fish, and birds. Adding new species to your village gives you many benefits.

However, you should build a full set of this creature for maximum benefit. One set is for 2 adults and 1 infant. Each new animal child will have the same value as the parent. So you can imagine how having a new family will increase the population of the village.

Unnaturally, all newborn mammals, even mammals, hatch from eggs. These eggs take a long time to become babies. It takes several hours to a week to hatch. And raising an animal takes almost twice as long as the incubation period. However, the game will notify you when the egg is ready to hatch.

Interesting things in the game

The Ice Age Village is very original in that it adds modern buildings to the Stone Age. Unlike animals, they generate jobs and money, but cannot be upgraded. These creations can collect coins with one click. Unlike these objects, animals must be touched to spawn coins. Then you have to click on those cents or wait a while for the coins to be collected automatically.

Resources spawned from animals or objects are under the control of timers. It takes at least 20 seconds to collect money. The purpose of this construction game genre is to stick to the player’s time. No need to monitor the game hours later. Just look at the results after a day’s work.


Decorate your village with trees and statues. This will help increase the value of the creatures that live in your village. However, you will need to place your decorations appropriately to make room for your pets.

The best way to add these decorations to your village is after the community has settled. That way it will be easier for you to decide how to order these items.

This is a slowly evolving world

In this new version, the player is instructed to expand the beast’s living quarters. First, Ice Age Village encourages you to place decorations appropriately. The game then optimizes the village living space as needed. However, when you start the game, you only own a small living area. Once you have money or orcs, you can buy new floors. The more you expand, the more land prices rise. Additionally, the time available to open new zones increases with the scale of player development. This is also a disadvantage. Because your cash register will be full and you won’t be able to use anything else. This is pretty boring for experienced players.

Unfortunately, the development of games in this direction is also a weakness

The first drawback is that the potential for accidental abuse is not very high. It’s annoying when the box hits a fairly large object. This confuses clicks. Honestly, this is an easy problem for game makers to fix. The best solution is to make the character selection smaller. At this point, fundraising becomes easier and confusion between individuals is eliminated. Some features of the game need improvement

Another very annoying issue in games is the sensitivity of looking at objects in detail. There is a delay of a few seconds before the player becomes active. Ironically, sometimes a larger image of an object is required, but the game is reversed. Games can eliminate this by replacing the element’s zoom with a button with similar functionality.

Another drawback of the game is the unstable connection between the Ice Age Village company and its social media accounts. The creators of the game will also fix it, but to be safe players will be required to sign in using their username instead of signing in with their social network account.

Despite its limitations, Ice Age Village was a success in many respects. One of them is that players don’t have to spend a lot of money to level up. The developers of the game Ice Age Adventures take over this.

Advantages of Ice Age Village

Players have the opportunity to learn more about the ancient world. Players will join Cid, Manny, and Diego on many missions to the surrounding ice islands, where they will discover exciting things. You’ll encounter adorable creatures and other eerie threats like dinosaurs.

The graphics of Ice Age Village are inspired by the Ice Age movies and are built fairly close to the original, giving players the feeling of walking through the world of this cartoon.

Interesting mission

As Sid and her friends explore the world, they meet deer, rabbits, and her parents. But these poor creatures are caught and cannot escape. Players can become saviors. In particular, Ice Age in his adventures allows you to play mini-games and rescue them.

For example, playing a ranked game of diamonds and saving a creature requires dropping at least three of his hearts at the bottom of the board. At the same time, the player must go into the blizzard and snow with Cid to free the young animals. The player can then slide left, right, up, and down to move and slide, helping Sid avoid obstacles.

You can also bring the rescued animals back to the village with Sid so they can live. Players receive coins or food for every good deed. At the same time, the creatures you just rescued become your main food source.

There are many fun presents.

Many viewers cannot forget and love Scrat from the movie Ice Age. For this reason, the game is not fun without him. In this adventure, Scrat has his mini-game that runs infinitely.

The goal is to run as long as possible while trying to eat items to replenish the Ice Age Village. Players compete with friends to see Scrat travel the longest distance. Players can also return to explored islands and replay the rescue mini-game. The reason is that the more chicks you rescue, the faster you level up.

Bright and colorful background

The Ice Age Village has an interesting story. In particular, the game becomes even more interesting when the three main characters in the game are: The voices of Sid, Manny, and Diego are the same as the characters in the movie. One point that cannot be ignored is the top-notch graphics of this game. Ice Age Adventures uses 3D graphics to help create a realistic ice world. In addition, interesting movement effects bring the characters in the game to life.

The Last word

Overall, Ice Age Village Mod APK is an interesting game and worth a try. This game is improved over other old-school building games by adding many features such as Pet old animals and bringing modern architecture into the Ice Age. If you’re having a workaholic day out, the Ice Age Village Mod APK is an energy drink you can’t miss.

What's new

Various bug fixes and improvements.



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