Idle Startupper MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Live a life of an IT startup inventor! Dream big and achieve greatness in our idle creative simulator of the fastest growing industry ever.
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DeveloperHeatherglade Publishing
Released onMar 21, 2022
UpdatedAug 25, 2023
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Mod Info

  • Income Injection
  • Level up Reward 65 k Gems
  • No Ads Purchased

Info :

  1. Finish Tutorial Totally for the game save.
  2. Always quit game with return button to save.


Idle Startupper Mod APK – A game that simulates the life of an IT entrepreneur. This is a hot industry in this technology age. try to reach your goal. And turn it into a valuable personal asset such as a house or car.

Idle Startupper MOD APK (Unlimited Money)


You are the simulation game about the life of an IT inventor and startup. Join Idle Startupper and fulfill the unfulfilled dream of anyone starting a business in the age of evolving technology. Try to reach the big goals you set in advance. Players collect personal items such as houses and cars. Investing wisely is also an important part.

Main Features

Become an IT expert and experience a startup

In Idle Startupper he will be one of the youngest IT startups ever. In this game, you are also his IT expert in the developing technology age. You can know the history of the current company that was born from a difficult start-up. This is your motivation and also your future goal.

Invest and collect loot

Of course, your startup will be very successful with such intelligent people. So you have the first personal possession of your life – a house, a car, etc. Players then decide to invest in existing startups. We know these companies will continue to grow, and they make minimal profits. And get rich by making smart decisions right from the start.

Follow and befriend great innovators

Idle Startupper requires you to keep an eye on your time and make bold decisions to move forward and get rich. You have to follow the most creative entrepreneurs and if you can try to befriend them. Then, when more people know about your natural talent, your future will be more open. Shortly, your name will be engraved on IT jobs.


  • Become one of the first IT entrepreneurs in your country as you get to know the most outstanding startups.
  • Acquire success from the first goals and collect products as personal possessions such as houses and cars.
  • Decide to invest and reinvest in existing startups so that you will reap idle profits from them.
  • Follow and become friends with the most creative investors and entrepreneurs, and your opportunities are expanding day by day.
  • The future of an IT entrepreneur like you will be wide open, and your words will also be valuable when you become rich.

What's new

+ Minor Bug Fixes



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