Internet Cafe Simulator 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 0.6

Internet Cafe Simulator 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

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Nov 10, 2022
Aug 18, 2023
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Unlimited Money


Internet Cafe Simulator 2 makes your dreams come true if you’ve ever wanted to run an internet cafe and avoid dangerous situations like bombs and criminals. This second game has more features and ways to play, which makes it really fun and exciting. It will keep you hooked and excited the entire time.

Internet Cafe Simulator 2 1

Exploring Complicated Machines: Looking Beyond Coffee and Computers

Yes, the main aim is to make an excellent internet café. Is it simple. But wait, Internet Cafe Simulator 2 makes it more interesting with a lot of different features. You work as a barista, a computer technician, a financial planner, a person who helps others with their problems, and a person who ensures the safety of customers at the same time. The incredible attention to detail, like getting game licenses and improving your computers, makes sure you stay interested. Do not talk about the tech tree, where you can choose which skills to improve. Do you want to do well in business. Give it a try. Do you want to learn how to defend your café by becoming a fighter. You can choose to do that too.

When it rains, customers pour in.

This game interprets the saying “When it rains, it pours” in a very straightforward manner. Unlike in real life, when people avoid cafes during rainy days, Internet Cafe Simulator 2 actually gets more customers on those days. It looks like everyone in town knows that when the weather is bad, it’s a good time to go to a café. Take advantage of this and make money. Keep an eye on the weather app and get your café ready for a lot of customers coming in. They will come into your comfortable place soaking wet but glad to be there. If you make them happy, you will sell a lot more.


Yes, it’s true that it’s not good to borrow or lend money, especially within a family. I’m sorry, but your virtual sibling was not included in the information. Do you know who has to give him money because he owes a lot. That’s right, it’s you. Not only do you have to run a successful café, but you also have to earn enough money to pay off your brother’s debt. Your company’s actions become very important and urgent, so every decision is very important. Do you agree that there is no better way to show love for your brother than paying money to keep him safe from people who want to collect his debts.

Power outages and power woes can be a hassle. It’s a good idea to have a generator nearby.

Power outages can stop your café completely. But don’t worry; generators are like your savior in Internet Cafe Simulator 2. During power outages, these devices can help you ensure that your customers can still use the internet and enjoy their lattes without any interruptions. Installing generators costs a lot of money, which means you have to plan your budget even more carefully. If you thought that running an internet café only involved making coffee and fixing routers, think again.


In the game, you start facing difficult choices about what is right and wrong. You can certainly run your café in a morally and legally acceptable way. Or you can take a chance in the sneaky world of illegal trading. Getting involved in illegal activities can make you earn a lot more money if you enjoy taking risks. But be aware: once you go down, it might be hard to rise back up to the place where you have good morals. We are only sharing information with you; we are not making any opinions or decisions.

They’re not just background characters, you see, as explained in Employee Wellness 101.

Finally, you have the option to hire living, active individuals to work in your café instead of non-player characters. Treating employees well can lead to a happier work environment and higher productivity. Keep in mind that a good boss knows that when an employee is happy, they work better and get more things done. Keeping your employees happy can be the best part of a challenging situation, where things are already complicated, just like a very delicious cake with multiple layers and flavors.

Simply put, Internet Cafe Simulator 2 provides a unique and diverse gaming experience that cannot be found elsewhere. This game is fun for everyone, whether you like coffee, technology, or running a business. If you get involved, you could become reliant. Please do not accuse us for your inability to fall asleep at night.

What's new

Fixed animation issues for some models.
Missing weapon material has been replaced.
Fixed some models disappearing issue.
balanced food and energy loss.
Fixed items with no visible textures.


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