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Joey for Reddit is a 3rd party Reddit client that provides a fresh, never before experience of Reddit!
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UpdatedJune 24, 2023
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Joey for Reddit Pro offers a unique, never-before-seen Reddit experience! Joey for Reddit is a third-party Reddit application.

Joey for Reddit Mod Apk

Joey for Reddit Pro Overview

Joey’s article experience on Reddit has never been better. You can download the highest quality videos, especially with sound. That’s not all. You can even intelligently hide posts you’ve read. In addition, the application gives you the freedom to express your feelings and leave comments right below your posts.


  • Auto-hide article mode has been intelligently enjoyed.
  • Thousands of fonts and creative themes.
  • Search for saved posts and comments in a snap.
  • Express your feelings and leave a comment.
  • Text-to-speech is the most prominent feature.

Hide post

First, Joey has optimized his Reddit, automatically hiding all articles that users have liked in the past. He doesn’t read two articles twice because once he reads them, they never show up in his news feed again. Instead, today’s many attractive and hot items coming up are just for you. It depends on your regular interests and the other users you follow.

Smart scan

Users can now easily search by keyword if they liked a particular post. This functionality is almost identical to other similar applications. What’s special is that in addition to posts, you can also search comments stored in your collection. Everything is automated. Say goodbye to manual work and save a lot of time.

Font selection

But that’s not all. Joey of Reddit takes you to new experiences by providing thousands of amazing fonts. No other application can match the level of awesome fonts this empire brings. Additionally, you can change the layout within the note according to your needs and personal preferences.

Double click drop emotion

Users can double-click on an article they find inspiring or meaningful to vote on and express their opinion on the article. Owners create an exciting community to learn and share ideas about items and others who access them.

Read the text

If you’re lazy and don’t want to strain your eyes looking at every letter, number, or semicolon to read Chinese content, don’t worry. Joey on Reddit can help you out. We understand your particular user situation, so we’ve added some striking text to our voice features. As long as you type commands, the text will automatically read out in clear and distinct language. don’t stop there. Enjoy reading all the comments below.

Follow other users

Users are free to follow user posts if they are particularly interested in land topics. If you want to revisit them, just go to the already followed collection and you’ll find them instantly without spending a lot of effort and memory looking for them. In particular, users are also notified about the latest comments made by other users and evaluate the content of their posts. Additionally, you can read the AMA’s impressive contributions in a special format. Specifically, it is a question-and-answer magazine format. That’s not all. I’ll also point you to a messy web article for maximum knowledge.

Code Information

All usernames in this app are color-coded and when you go to the comment section the screen becomes colorful. This makes it easier than ever to distinguish between them without causing confusion or confusion.


Joey on Reddit brings you the latest press stories and posts from various users around the world. Not only that, but he can also upload his reviews and read other people’s comments easily.

What's new

Thank you for using Joey! This release includes stability and performance improvements.


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