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Journal it

Journal it – Bullet Journal, Diary

The only journal app that truly exploits the power of your mobile device to make journaling easy and powerful. Journal it! doing so by giving you effortless sync experience, a variety of organizing options exactly born for journaling, and the new way to plan your future that inspired by bullet journal.

Superior journaling experience:
* Automatically backup and sync all your journals and photos across multiple Android devices in real time
* Unlimited photos to each entry (depend on your Google Drive storage)
* Well-organized: keep everything in place with journeys, activities (detail below) or by tags, categories, people, places
* Plan for your future with the unique and flexible todos feature (detail below)
* Browse recent photos and start a new entry right from the main screen
* Automatically add geotag and places
* Search all journals by keyword from entry text or detail items
* Lock the journal app by fingerprint or password
* Export/import journals to your persistent storage
* Support offline, automatically sync when network available
* Simple and delight with Material design
* Import from Journey, Day One Journal, and Diaro

What’s journey and activity?
* Whether you’re working on an exciting project, learning something new or achieving a goal, create journeys to track the step to step progress separately.
* An activity is simply a journaling topic (eg: Gratitude Journal, Daily Reflection, Weekly Summarize,… ) or things you want to keep on track (eg: books you read, movies you watched,…)

Why should I use journeys and activities?
* Keep everything on track in a manageable way instead of keeping multiple journals
* Easy to include the context for each entry so you don’t need to mention it again and again
* Easy to look back your memories and see the progress you made for each aspect of your life
* Help remind you to regularly write/update to ensure no missing step in your personal development, self-improvement.

Bullet journal
Plan your future by the todos feature inspired by Bullet Journal. The todo is very flexible:
* You can set the time for a date, a week, or even a month. No need to know the exact date ahead.
* When that week/month comes in, you can update the time to be more specific or defer it to another date/week/month.
* You can use it in conjunction with an activity/journey in order to do things like habit tracker/reminder.

Journal it! is free to use even with real-time sync. Subscribe to premium to remove ads (only minimal native ads) and unlock unlimited todos.

Contact me:
Please use the “Feedback” button on the left panel of the journal app to quickly send me feedback, suggestions, bug report. I’ll get back to you within 1 business day.
* Email: [email protected]
* Facebook:
* Updates on app development progress:
* Website, forum:

Track the past, organize the present, and plan for the future. Start document your life from today by download Journal it!. Stop missing out your precious memories.

In Journal it! 4.11.0:
– New feature: End-to-end encryption (premium). Get instruction on how to get started from Account Settings
– Search notes when creating single note widget
– Search in All Tags screen, All Journeys screen,…
– Change checked to-do’s record time
– Improved sync performance
– Other bugs fixed and improvements


  • Journal it! - tagebuch, Journale, notizbuch Screenshot
  • Journal it! - tagebuch, Journale, notizbuch Screenshot

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Journal it – Bullet Journal, Diary v4.11.1 [Premium] APK / Mirror / Mirror

Journal it – Bullet Journal, Diary v3.1.1.1 [Premium] APK / Mirror

Journal it – Bullet Journal, Diary v3.0.3 [Premium] APK / Mirror

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