JukeBox Music Player MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)
Music Player by JukeBox is a customizable, lightweight audio & music player. We know how important your music is for you, so our simple and sleek UI will make this an enjoyable music player experience. ๐ŸŽต
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Released onNov 18, 2017
UpdatedFeb 26, 2024
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Pro Features Unlocked


JukeBox Music Player is a simple yet powerful music player for android. It has an awesome song cutter feature so now cutting bits of the portion from your favorite song (or dialogues from movies of your favorite stars) and setting it as a ringtone is simple and hassle-free. JukeBox Music Player is a completely Free App with which you can play local music files on your android device.

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Why you should install this cool app

โ˜… Browse and play your favorite songs using our elegant and powerful JukeBox Music player app.
โ˜… Sort songs by albums, artists, songs, playlists, and folders.
โ˜… Available in Seven languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, Russian, and Dutch)
โ˜… Can’t get a few lines of your favorite song/dialog out of your mind? Cut it and set it as your ringtone.

Want to be fancier and set a different ringtone for all the friends on your list, the ringtone cutter feature makes it happen in seconds.

โ˜… Many times we fall asleep listening to music and it ends up consuming our battery. But not anymore, the sleep timer option allows you to set a specified time after which the music stops.

How cool is that?

โ˜… Search (using the search bar) songs/albums/artists from anywhere in the app.
โ˜… The equalizer options make your listening experience all the more awesome.
โ˜… Easy access to music player from the home screen through widgets and we have three different types to choose from (Standard, Light and Small)
โ˜… Multiselect songs to add to your playlist also share or delete songs
โ˜… Folder option to browse through your phone directory and play the songs at ease
โ˜… Notification bar support with play, pause, previous, and next, options.
โ˜… The genre list helps you to listen to the kind of music you are in the mood for be it pop or jazz or soulful melodies.
โ˜… Loaded with powerful options like send/share/add/, delete/set as ringtone, etc. on every page for an amazing user experience
โ˜… Create your playlist by adding songs from albums, artists, genres, or from anywhere inside the app.
โ˜… Automatically generated playlists based on criteria viz. Recently Added, Most played, Top Tracks
โ˜… Sort your songs in 5 different ways – Title, Date, Duration, Albums, Artists
โ˜… Lock screen is crafted beautifully with play, next & previous controls for easy access.
โ˜… Supports all the popularly used music file formats.
โ˜… Easy access to all the cool features like Ringtone cutter, sleep timer, and settings using the hamburger menu
โ˜… Swipe the option in the Now playing screen to play the next/previous songs in the queue.
โ˜… App contains Banner ads** (only at the bottom) and no full-screen Ads.

**Annoyed by seeing ads?? Enjoy Ad free experience by purchasing our paid app and supporting the development

Some highlights

โ˜… The Glossy theme with intuitive animations throughout the app.
โ˜… Custom icons for all features
โ˜… Moving from one tab to another has a special cube-like 3D animation
โ˜… Option to view the app in fullscreen, Be treated to a special animation on clicking your favorite icon
โ˜… Even with this awesome UI the app weighs just 10MB

Note: We have kept minimalist features keeping in mind the quality and not wanting to confuse you with too many options but your valuable suggestions are always welcome and most requested features will be implemented in future updates.

What's new

* Added more languages
* Bug fixes and support for Android 11
* USB-C headset support
* Better Bluetooth support
* Set background to your own image
* Stability improvements
* New themes!
* Folder now have options
* Adding scrollbars!
* Fixed some memory leaks
* Fixed some crashes


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