Legeclo: Legend Clover X MOD APK (Max Skill Range, High Dmg)

A spectacular royal road fantasy SRPG is now available from DMM GAMES!
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UpdatedJul 3, 2024
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Mod Info

ARM 64 Build
1. Menu
2. Max Skill Range (attackskills)
3. Area Skills Damaged all Enemies (Attackskills)
4. High DMG
5. God
Important: activate Skill before you start the Mission or you will stuck


Legeclo: Legend Clover Mod APK immerses players in a vast fantasy world full of mysterious elements. You even get the chance to accompany beautiful girls on exciting journeys and spend the most amazing time together in a variety of intoxicating scenarios.

Legeclo Legend Clover X

Meet and join beautiful women

In this action-packed journey, you’ll meet several stunning lead actresses who guide you through different stories and unique scenarios throughout the game. The long-awaited release of the epic fantasy version of the classic RPG has finally arrived. Therefore, you must help a brave woman transform into a playable character to command the battlefield.

Intuitive gameplay with E

Gameplay is simple and addictive as it is a very intense battle, where the position of a single square often determines the winner. You have to tap the screen to play, but the ways to win are virtually unlimited. You’ll also need to assemble a party of your favorite characters to confront Abyss, the demon that rules the Underworld and his minions across the continent.

Unique and Diverse Characters

The game’s character system is interesting, with each character packed with emotion and uniqueness, allowing you to change your party’s building choices. Their artwork and looks are great, and each character has a unique and adorable side to use on the battlefield. You can also use magic stones to make energetic heroines appear and raise their ranks. On your journey to save the world, you’ll meet many fascinating characters and recruit them to join your team.

Build a relationship with a girl

You can unlock unique scenarios and cutscenes by connecting with beautiful female characters who love their story. The game also employs visual novel elements to provide a compelling storyline as you progress, helping you understand the story and character development. ‘s backstory is now available, and various beautiful women play important roles in both the story and the conflict.

Exciting online events with huge rewards

The game features an iconic gacha system that allows you to roll various rewards within a concept or category while participating in multiple events. You will also have to complete daily tasks and challenges given to you to increase your rank, unlock new game features, and unlock certain interactions with girls. Some events require you to perform certain evolutions on related characters and acquire new cosmetic items as rewards for the desired characters.

New game modes with an outstanding style

Over time, the game will be updated with new content and modes, dramatically changing the overall gameplay and changing the fun. You can customize girls and girls to unleash new powers in development. Additionally, the game’s visual features offer captivating cutscenes and storylines in a variety of scenarios to fully immerse you in the never-ending journey of beautiful girls.



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