Linebit Icon Pack MOD APK (Patched/Full Unlocked)

Live a new experience with these beautiful linear icons. Apply them and enjoy an illuminated screen with vibrant colors.
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DeveloperEdzon Diaz
Released onApr 22, 2018
UpdatedDec 4, 2023
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Linebit Icon Pack Live a new experience with these beautiful linear icons. Apply them and enjoy an illuminated screen with vibrant colors.

Linebit Icon Pack APK

Linebit Icon Pack Overview

Linebit helps you make a difference and make every day new. There are many unique wallpapers available only in this application. You can still change the look by changing the app icon to the app’s updated icon. Most importantly, each symbol is created with a unique glowing effect.


  • Change the look of apps on your phone with 4000+ icons created with colorful effects, looking different and unique.
  • Dozens of wallpapers are uploaded from the app through a careful selection of manufacturers, chosen with minimalism in mind.
  • In addition to unique wallpapers or icons, the application also gives you many special utilities such as a calendar or clock added right to the home screen.
  • The application supports operation in many different launchers, significantly since every element in the application is regularly updated and improved.
  • Change the screen with two different dimmers, set it to automatically switch to dark mode when it’s at night, or select the time for it to trade automatically.

Thousands of unique neon icons

It’s been a long time since I changed the look of my phone. In particular, remove the application on the phone without even thinking about exchanging it for a new “shirt”. That’s why I need his Linebit on my phone and update my look every day. Feel free to change your phone icons with over 4000 icons created from our application. More precisely, it is designed with a colorful neon effect.

40+ wallpapers updated regularly

Don’t forget to change your phone’s wallpaper. Refreshing your smartphone every day will also make you feel better. Change your wallpaper regularly with different minimal design wallpapers in our app. Each wallpaper posted in the app is carefully selected so as not to lose its beauty. They have many different styles, but what they have in common is their personality.

Added yet another utility

Linebit offers not only minimal wallpapers and unique icons but many other utilities as well. It’s an app that not only changes the look but also helps with utilities like adding a calendar to the center of the lock screen. You don’t need to click multiple apps to see the date and time that the apps are automatically added.

Change screen light and dark mode

Perhaps this application will bring you a lot of conveniences, but don’t be surprised. This tool is updated regularly, which makes its functionality truly unique. You can change the look with two different light and dark themes. Or you can set the device to automatically adapt to darkness when operating at night. Importantly, this application works with a wide variety of programs.


Linebit helps you make an impact with many beautiful and unique wallpapers. Change your phone interface with tons of unique icons in this application every day.

What's new

✦ 125 New Icons
✦ 18 Premium Icons
✦ Fixed some icons not applying


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