Luminous Black - Poweramp Skin APK (Paid/Full) 7.8

Luminous Black – Poweramp Skin APK (Paid/Full)

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October 25, 2022
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Luminous Black is a modern black skin for Poweramp 3 with massive customizable features. You can change almost anything to make Poweramp look material, minimalist, transparent, and stunning. Compared to Aurora and Luminous, this skin is designed for those who like a black interface because there are various choices of black backgrounds. This skin is stable to use on the latest Poweramp 3. Even if there is a bug, I will fix it as soon as possible, so don’t worry 🙂

Luminous Black - Poweramp v3 Skin

Luminous Black – Poweramp v3 Skin

This theme is designed to change the look of Poweramp 3, with a focus on changing the interface to dark and neon colors. This is suitable for users who like dark colors. It is mostly black with bright neon lines and is very attractive. The Luminous Black – Poweramp skin offers a beautiful UI where users can choose to replace two other skinned versions of her. Now that its unique features have been enhanced to bring more benefits to its users, let’s see how this great application can make a noticeable difference by installing Join. Sign up to experience this great user interface.

Custom Icons

Tired of the familiar and boringly similar icons across so many different music platforms? It will help you create an exciting music experience by changing the skins on your phone. Users can customize icons that play music, transitions, etc. to suit themselves for different purposes. In addition, you can easily enjoy various useful features such as changing icon size and color.


Fonts may or may not be integral to your musical experience. The regular music listeners will feel it doesn’t really matter. But for those who enjoy music and want to experience both the music and the exciting interface, fonts are the element that evokes emotion in a song. When a sad piece has strong writing or vice versa, it can feel quite out of place at times. With this in mind, the application has evolved to customize fonts to become elements that help harmonize your music interface.

Sound Tuner and Audio Utilities

Customize the tone controls to your liking. There are two main styles here: Knob and Eq. In addition to this, there are sizing features such as square corner radius and many other tasks that you can use to easily customize your soundset. . A UI that changes sound modifiers modifies the appearance of the UI, provides a recognizable comfort and helps users perform operations efficiently.


  • Track and adjust the header background corner radius easily.
  • Lots of different icons that are easy to choose and use, creating diversity in the interface.
  • Easily customize the player’s visibility for easy identification.
  • Dark colors and neon bands create a unique substance for the skin of the music player.
  • Supports many different languages ​​removing language barriers for users.

• 6 Player UI Layouts including Album Art Blur
• 39 Material Accent Colors
• 15 Material Background Colors
• Blur Background Color Overlay
• Transparent Background
• Transparent Background Opacity

• 3 Library Icon Sets
• 4 Navigation Icon Sets
• 7 Navigation Icon Sizes
• 4 Equalizer Icon Sets
• 7 Equalizer Icon Sizes
• 4 Miscellaneous Icon Sets
• 7 Miscellaneous Icon Sizes
• 3 Header Icon Sets
• 5 Play/Pro Icon Sets
• 4 Cover Disc Icon Sets

• 17 Font Styles
• 11 Font Sizes
• Capitalize
• 4 Adaptive Title Color Styles
• Adaptive Elapsed and Duration Time
• Adaptive Text Color

• 5 Navigation Styles
• Navigation Indicator
• Transparent Navigation Bar

• 6 Knob and Eq Styles
• 4 Eq Shape Styles
• 3 Eq Spectrum

Album Art
• Album Art Shadow
• 4 Player UI Album Art Sizes
• 6 Album Art Transition
• Custom Transition
• 5 Player UI Album Art Corners
• 5 Library Album Art Corners
• Dynamic Corners

Player Controls
• Play Button (Reverse Colors)
• Small Play Button
• Small Play Button (Reverse Colors)
• 6 Wave Bars Styles
• 4 Wave Seekbar Styles
• 7 Simple Seekbar Styles
• 7 Pro Buttons Styles

• 4 Line Background Corners
• Semi-Transparent Line Background
• Flat UI
• Alt Selected Track Color
• Transparent Status Bar
• Transparent Elapsed and Duration Time

• Hide Track Menu Button
• Hide Rating
• Hide Miscellaneous Button
• Hide Stroke Buttons
• Hide Elapsed and Duration Time
• Hide Wave Seekbar
• Hide Previous and Next Category Buttons
• Hide Previous and Next Song Buttons
• Hide Audio Info
• Hide Equalizer Lines

Languages Support
English, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Russian

Please Note
This skin is not compatible with the old build of Poweramp 3 and Huawei with Android 7.0

What's new

Luminous Black 7.8
• New Selected Track Color [Library]. Replaced Alt Selected Track Color
• Navigation Indicator & color option has been merged
• Minor changes and better compatibility with the latest Poweramp


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