METAL SLUG 3 MOD APK (Paid/Full Game Unlocked)

The legendary NEOGEO 2D action shooting masterpiece “METAL SLUG 3” heads out to Android devices! Use various weapons and slugs to fight your way through and survive on the battlefield!!
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Released onJul 11, 2012
UpdatedJan 30, 2022
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Many players love Metal Slug 3 because it has exciting action scenes made by SNK. This is a shooting game in the Metal Slug series. The game has a lot of exciting parts, and players will enjoy the fighting part with the story. Get ready to be brave and fight the enemy in this shooter game. Today, if you want to have fun, get this old-fashioned game and enjoy some relaxing time.

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Pick the right path and join my team in the fight.

In this new Metal Slug 3, players can choose different missions to complete. This is the main new feature of the game. The game will have different challenges depending on which roads players choose. Each path has different numbers of monsters, but they all lead to the final boss in each map.

After you begin the game, you will join a small group to battle against other players. Every team can have only 4 people to do hard tasks in the game. Your team will face powerful and dangerous monsters that attack with cruel and deadly moves. Getting more help from your team will make you much stronger in battle. You can also play by yourself to try and get a high score on the leaderboard compared to other players.

Booking a place to become stronger, you are the hero.

Players and their friends need a plan and work together to not get caught by these scary monsters. Aliens from another planet are attacking the world and hurting people. You and your friends are brave defenders fighting for the cause, using your shooting skills to defeat the enemy fast.

Rescue the people from the grip of scary monsters, and you will be the world’s hero. They will give you nice presents. Grab your gun and start killing all the enemy. Also, you can use different weapons to fight. When the opponent is nearby, you can use a knife or stone to hurt them. Don’t forget to see the strong war vehicles like combat helicopters, submarines, and armored tanks. You want to get all these big weapons, and you need to keep fighting to get them.

New weapons for you to give to your important attackers.

Metal Slug 3 has lots of different and very powerful weapons for you to use. You have sniper rifles, bullets, and bombs. You have to use different weapons for different kinds of monsters. Choose the right weapon based on how strong the enemy is and how far away they are. When you come across weak soldiers, you should use a gun to defeat them.

The gun is really strong and can shoot enemies from far away. It’s good for keeping you safe by letting you get rid of enemies without getting too close to them. If you come across really strong and scary monsters, then bombs are the best thing to use. Bombs can cause a lot of damage and have a big impact on bad guys.

Defeat the final boss and unlock new levels to play.

But the problem is not just there. At the end of each level in the game, there will be a boss that is very strong and can do a lot of damage. This is the hardest thing you need to beat to move on to the next levels. Be careful when using weapons and avoiding attacks so you don’t get killed by the boss at the end of the game. When you beat each boss, you’ll get prizes like better weapons and more power to make you a stronger fighter.

Your rewards help you fight or defend better and reduce the harm you might suffer. Furthermore, you can also receive bonuses when you free prisoners who are being held by monsters. They will give you money or weapons if you rescue many people.

Meteorfall: Krumit’s Tale gives you a lot of excitement during the battle. The game has really clear and detailed pictures so it feels like you’re really fighting. The game has lots of different landscapes on every level, like deserts, oceans, and rainforests, that you’ll enjoy. Beat the big boss at the end of each level to get the most points.

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