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In the early years of the twenty-first century, human beings with intelligence and developed science have produced a variety of modern weapons and organisms, as well as robots for life and protection. people on earth.
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DeveloperOnegame Studio Global
UpdatedApr 9, 2020
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Unlimited Money


Metal Strike War MOD APK is the finest action-adventure game available on Google Play, and it is compatible with all smartphones and tablets. To win, you must totally immerse yourself in the character and devise a cunning maneuver strategy to dodge bullets as well as the enemy’s BOSS. Shoot, shoot the jet, shoot the enemy’s elite task force, raid, ambush, or deploy a fleet to attack the enemy’s base. It’s all in your hands.

Metal Strike War 1

The game begins with Graves, the protagonist, taking leadership from the commander who announces the world’s predicament. Graves will lead the troops in an assault against the military zone and the legions of infamous terrorists. Pick up a gun and take out a hundred sniper hunters, a thousand SWAT enemies, and a million Sniper Zombies. Allow all strikers to assault and defend.

How to play Metal Strike War MOD APK

Skipping abilities, flipping through the air, rushing to shoot, dodging bullets, and eliminating enemy soldiers, as well as opponents’ BOSS, are all part of the game’s gameplay. Many things will be available in the game to assist players, such as armor that protect the drum for a certain period of time, picking up boom, changing weapons, and upgrading firearms. Players must employ all of their support items to win the new conflict and progress through the level. Each level will have three tiny maps, with BOSS appearing after each map. This is the last gate, which will be tough to pass since BOSS will be more strong and skilled, guaranteeing a thrilling experience for gamers. BOSS will get more and more amazing, skilled, and gorgeous with each map.

Weapon System

System weapon of the game: each character will have 5 guns. The top four guns of the characters are equally equipped. The last gun will be the characteristic gun of each character.

– Pistol ( Desert Eagle)

– Colt

– AK-47

– Laser

– M60 (machine 60)

– M4A1

– Shot Gun (Hunting gun)

– Sniper Rifle

– Paintball

– Uzi

– Minigun (NEW).

– Energy Blast (NEW).

– Kel-Tec KSG: This is the basic gun in the game.

– AK Future: This is a special type of gun that splashes out a lot of bullets at once.

– HK243: With this type of guns, you do not have to worry about obstructions or dizzy areas on a straight line.

– FR-27: gun with a torrent of bullets.

– The last gun system: The last guns will have their own individual characteristics for each player. You will feel more confident when choosing a hero that will really fit your skills.

– Flaming Guns: With the advantage of high speed, dame powerful and damage to many objects at once it will be a perfect choice for your adventure.

– The rocket launcher: It has to fire every rocket but with very strong attack power.
– Laser wave gun: Shoot a wave of laser.

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What's new

- Fix bugs
- Improve user experience



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