Miami Crime Simulator MOD APK (Unlimited Levels, Skill Points)

Miami is a luxurious modern city located on the ocean coast. Expensive cars, beautiful beaches, good clubs attract different people to this city. Including gangsters. Your hero challenged this stone jungle and decided to succeed in the criminal world. Play a free 3D third-person gangster simulator with RPG elements. Immerse yourself in the street life of the metropolis and begin your path to success. The city in which you find yourself is fraught with many dangers. A high crime rate, evil cops, car thefts and crazy bullets will be waiting for your hero. But the open 3D world also provides new opportunities for your boyfriend to use. Start playing right now in plunge into the world of interesting and dangerous adventures.
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DeveloperNaxeex Action & RPG Games
Released onApr 28, 2015
UpdatedJun 20, 2024
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Miami Crime Simulator Mod Apk brings players into a vast world with many things to explore and interact with. They will need to be careful when being targeted and consider taking on missions to earn extra money.

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Miami Crime Simulator is a crime-themed simulation game in which the player controls a thug and can do whatever he wants in the game world. You will move freely inside and can steal cars that you think are beautiful. At the same time, the increasing number of stars will make you a target, and there are many mechanisms and missions that you can experience to survive in this world.


Players will have the opportunity to travel around the city of Miami in Miami Crime Simulator with many things they can do in their free time. They can face dangers, move everywhere to explore everything inside this city. At the same time, like other crime-themed games, the character will often be at risk of being targeted by the police and may be constantly chased. This is also an attractive point that players cannot ignore when overcoming difficulties alone.

You will control the character from a third-person perspective using different control buttons for detailed control. character’s actions. At the same time, you will also find buttons to interact with other elements, such as opening a car, and some objects dropped by other characters will appear before your eyes. So, after understanding the game controls, you can do whatever you want and there are not many rules stopping you, only dangers are waiting for you.


A popular activity that players do in Miami Crime Simulator is stealing a car they like. It can be said that this is a city with many types of vehicles so you can move close to the car you want to ride and the operation does not take too much time to complete. At the same time, several characters will be able to fight you and they all have weapons to attack you until you run out of health and are defeated.

You are also equipped with many other weapons each other and can react quickly. , and some weapons and ammo may drop after the character is defeated. At the same time, when you kill a character, your star rating will increase, which is an indication of your wanted level. Right after that, a group of police will move towards you to attack you, and of course, you will have to get out of there and they will continue to follow until they catch you.

A notable point when experiencing this game is that the environmental elements are scattered throughout the game screen and its features are quite interesting. Specifically, controlling a nearby vehicle will apply strong thrust and cause nearby objects to explode up to a certain height. So it will be used if you have difficulty escaping or escaping from the police. Indeed, the city will have many places to visit, including rivers you can swim in.


When experiencing Miami Crime Simulator, you will see certain missions to complete, and you can agree to do it to earn more money. You will know the goal to achieve and the time to spend on achieving it. At the same time, after completion, you will see a notification to receive rewards and continue to experience other missions or explore the vast world that the game offers.

You will be interested to many of the things in this game, such as the weapons you use and you can easily switch between the weapons you use via the wheel. It can be said that the wheel has many different spaces and you can add weapons that you often use. At the same time, you can also visit the store to buy the items you want with the money you earn. They will be useful in many dangerous situations.

Players will not be able to take their eyes off a large world with many exciting mechanics:

  • Players will control a thug armed with weapons and can do anything they want, from exploring to performing quests.
  • Some items may drop after killing your target, and you should pick them up to add to your inventory.
  • Players will turn into a target when the number of stars increases, and there will always be police cars that identify and try to chase you.
  • The player will find an environmental element that can knock elements near it to a height, and this mechanism will help you escape unexpectedly.
  • The money earned from completing missions will be used to buy equipment and items to support players and help them survive longer.

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