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Mirror Lab aims to be the most fun, easy to use and powerful photo-editing app to creatively enhance pictures, make mirror photos, kaleidoscope images and distort faces and scenery.
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Released onJun 30, 2016
UpdatedDec 7, 2023
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★ Pro / Paid features Unlocked
★ Debug code removed
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Mirror Lab Pro MOD APK aims to be the most fun, easy-to-use and powerful photo-editing app to creatively enhance pictures, make mirror photos, and kaleidoscope images, and distort faces and scenery.

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Mirror Lab provides users with powerful, easy-to-use photo editing tools to transform images in creative ways. With over 50 filters to choose from, each with multiple adjustable settings, the possibilities are endless. Mirror effects such as highlights and kaleidoscopes allow for the creation of symmetrical spread designs. Distortion can stretch, swirl, and create a wavy appearance. Fractal patterns create repeating mathematical images. Pixel grading, glitch effects, and halftones give it a bold, classic look. Small planets bend the world inward. The triangles form geometric meshes.

A wide range of editing options can be accessed intuitively. Effects are set using tap and swipe gestures. General parameters (intensity, rotation, aspect ratio, damping) were consistent across filters, making testing smooth. Layers apply filters on filters to the composite image. Intelligent programming for natural processing. The Undo button lets you get creative without risk.

With the animation module, sequences interpolate between modified keyframes. Smooth video emerges from still images. This makes Mirror Lab especially powerful. The potential of images is unleashed.


Adaptable toolbox empowers image creators. More than 50 effects provide a variety of starting points for design. Many of the filters refer to classical techniques extended to the digital realm – reflections, kaleidoscopes, distortions. These symmetries and ripples form the heart of the genre of photo distortion. Other effects approach complex mathematics – fractals, triangles. The dimensions are controlled with small planets and 3D illusions.

But this software goes beyond the presets. Within each filter there are parameters that allow you to specialize the results. Intensity scales the deformations. Rotate the topic. Proportion reshapes the composition. Edges can be softened for a fading effect. Adjusting these variables allows for precise control to achieve exquisite results. With complex filter layers, the possibilities multiply exponentially. Customization is king with Mirror Lab.


Animation potential makes Mirror Lab a leader in creative photo software. The intuitive interface allows vertical and layer filtering as well as temporal keyframe manipulations. Instead of single frames, short video clips are created by interpolating between adjusted still frames. Animation often requires mastery of timeline editing in complex applications. This tool makes animation accessible to beginners.

Smooth transitions between filtered images simulate live motion. Smooth changes in intensity, rotation and positioning bring still images to life. Video production becomes as simple as applying filters, moving sliders, adding another keyframe. Complex effects emerge from simple steps. Thanks to sharing features that let you export videos, animated creations have spread virally through social media feeds. Motion design reaches as many people as possible through Mirror Lab’s innovation.


An easy-to-use creative app, Mirror Lab offers powerful photo filters with in-depth customization. Effects include layers. Parameters specialize the results. Classic techniques – reflections, fractures, distortions – take editing to the next level with adjustable parameters. Mathematics shapes designs through fractals, meshes and pixel types. Small planets bend the world. Visual border glitch. Macro and micro views of the halftone mesh.

Keyframe animation is especially impressive. Short videos created from still images edited between interpolated states. Smooth clear movements make animations accessible. This innovative feature helps you improve your image editing games by hand. Mirror Lab guarantees its space as a leading image processing platform. Visual tools spark creativity.

What's new

All app modules now target Android 14.


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