Model X Launcher MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

X Launcher is cool, powerful and special launcher, you can change X Launcher to s9/s10 launcher style, phone x os13 launcher style, circle launcher style, etc. Just choose the style you like best in the launcher setting! It is cool, isn't it?
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DeveloperModel X Apps
UpdatedMarch 14, 2023
Requirements4.0 and up
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Premium/Paid Features Unlocked


Model X Launcher is one of those launcher applications that you should have on your phone with many attractive widgets and themes. The application has an easy-to-use interface and what is remarkable is that no other launcher application can match it. You can easily change the Android operating system interface to different kinds of iOS operating systems. Choose your favorite setting and change multiple backgrounds.

X Launcher MOD APK

Cool theme shop with tons of wallpapers to choose from

Turn your Android device into a variety of iOS. When you start using this application, you will be the first user to own a diverse-themed shop with an exciting set of wallpapers. The wallpapers provided in this application are divided into different themes that you can choose from. Especially, you can also choose a third party and upload wallpaper from your device. Themes in this app are also provided by the third-party Google Play Store.

Battery saver and app locker

As mentioned before, X Launcher wallpapers can be enjoyed online or offline. This means you can save your favorite wallpapers to watch later or download them instantly to your device in a variety of formats. The app also supports battery-saving mode.

Since the maximum power consumption of apps is limited, you can freely use various apps without worrying about battery consumption. Or send an alert when an app is using too much power. You can also find out which apps you don’t need, so you can lock/hide/delete them to save storage space.

Unread notifications

Unlike other launchers we have used before, this application packs a lot of utilities for you to enjoy. Unread Notifications lets you see what you didn’t complete that day, or what notifications you didn’t respond to today. Of course, you can use this to change the importance of your messages and get urgent notifications right the first time. Plus, you can turn some of your on-screen actions into smart gestures to save time when using them.

Arrange, manage, and edit icons

You can get the best protection with an eye saver. X Launcher will not harm you or bring any virus to your device. They know their private folders or add security to ensure the safety of the information they don’t want anyone to know. Thanks to the application’s active support, users can easily organize and manage document files on their devices. In addition, you can see critical or private application locks. Also, the application automatically removes and cleans up junk with a booster.

Key Features

+ X Launcher is UNIQUE in Play Store, it has a mechanism that can change X Model Launcher itself to many styles, such as s9/s10 launcher style, phone x launcher style, os13 launcher style, circle launcher style, etc.
+ X Launcher has many cool themes, it has a theme store for your choice
+ X Launcher support all third-party icon packs in Play Store
+ X Launcher has many beautiful online wallpapers
+ Build-in Battery Saver feature
+ Hide app, lock hidden app
+ Unread counter (notifier)
+ Various handy gestures
+ Icon gestures
+ Eyes protector
+ Privacy folder
+ App lock
+ T9 Search
+ App classify
+ Phone booster
+ Weather info widget
+ Lock desktop layout
+ Launcher desktop grid size option
+ Launcher drawer grid size option
+ Dock background option
+ Desktop transfer animation
+ Light, dark, blur drawer background
+ Edit drawer, change icon order in a drawer
+ X Launcher has multi-dock pages
+ X Launcher can change fonts
+ X Launcher can create a folder in the app drawer
+ X Launcher has a color mode (light/dark/auto)


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