Elephant Money Manager APK (Paid/Full) 5.0.2

Elephant Money Manager APK (Paid/Full)

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Feb 15, 2023
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Elephant Money Manager (Elephant Bookkeeping) is the optimized app for personal asset management. No extra permission, and no user system. Money Manager does not save any the information of users, protecting your privacy. Its simple design makes it lightweight, straightforward, and very easy to use.

Money Manager (Elephant Bookkeeping)


Elephant Money Manager is a comprehensive, easy-to-use solution for your financial management needs, with extensive features and an intuitive interface. Many additional features facilitate cost monitoring, such as Record everything and detailing everything at a specific point. You can also connect your bank account for more detailed online monitoring.

Start tracking expenses on different dimensions

The main functionality and usage of the app revolve around providing detailed and easily accessible statistics to ensure the best possible experience for all users. Track your finances easily thanks to daily, monthly, weekly, and yearly reports that detail your operations. With just a few clicks, you can view detailed reports of your monthly and yearly spending by category, along with explanations of fluctuations. It also shows graphs showing how assets, income, and expenses have developed.

Different types of expenses to keep in detail

Elephant Money Manager’s flexible framework thoroughly monitors various financial details such as purchases, payments, income, salaries, investments, and dividends. Built-in pie charts make reading reports much easier on mobile devices, and users will appreciate a more detailed analysis of their spending. The app’s comprehensive reports allow users to break down their spending across different categories. Additionally, you can search for specific types of results, request precise reports, or use the app’s database for further approaches.

Connect financial accounts and assets for easy management

Users can easily track their spending on multiple levels, from daily to global, as the app integrates with many high-end features. Cash, credit cards, loans, and stocks are just some of the things you can track balances, transfers, and orders. The app automatically updates when your bank account changes, so you can track your finances in one place without switching between multiple apps.

Personalize your own categorized expenses

The best thing the app offers is the customization of various systems that allow users to change the overall categories and monitor their spending in different areas. You can also import and select various icons, badges, and other displayable items to detail your report output. It also includes customization of his UI with a large number of colors and styles, allowing users to have different user experiences and feel very relaxed when monitoring spending changes in real-time.

Backup and restore your files carefully

Users can rest assured that records of huge expenses are stored in standard file formats optimized for storing and backing up such data. You can also export specific datasets in various formats to other apps, and easily modify the data they contain to improve your presentation. Additionally, you can add photos to your files and use them as a means of data organization when tracking expenses. Double-checking your data for accuracy before exporting it is also a great way to make sure everything is running smoothly.


  • Elephant Bookkeeping features five distinct theme colors. You can select the style you like.
  • You can select either a dark or a bright theme. Both modes are rather lovely.
  • You may construct asset accounts such as cash, bank card, financing, stock, and so on, and track the asset account’s modification, transfer, and order records.
  • You may recover records from the SD card, and backup files are automatically stored as you add records. You can also backup files manually.
  • Users can easily see reports thanks to pie chart capabilities.
  • Food, bills, transportation, vehicle, entertainment, shopping, clothes, insurance, tax, telephone, smoking, health, pet, beauty, veggies, education, salary, awards, sale, refunds, investments, dividends, and so on are all types of records kept by a money manager.
  • Reports may be exported as CSV files.
  • Reports on financial recording actions daily, monthly, weekly, and annually to help users better manage their funds. You may easily examine your expenses by category and changes between months based on your submitted information. In addition, a graph depicts the change in your assets and income/expense.
  • Keep track of your everyday spending and revenue activities. determining the difference/balance

So, what are you waiting for? Download the Money Money right now and start managing, and tracking, your, expenses, and income!


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