Mr Autofire MOD APK (Unlimited Money/One Hit)

The fabric of reality is in shreds and monsters are pouring in! Become Mr. Autofire and bring your biggest gun and all of your bullets, because you’re the… Defender of Everything!
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DeveloperLightheart Entertainment
Released onMay 12, 2020
UpdatedApr 23, 2024
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Mod Info

1. 1 HIT


Mr Autofire MOD APK allows you to have an amazing shooting experience by defeating powerful aliens. This is a fun video game with a special mixture of action and adventure. The player will guide their character to explore a strange world with aliens. The best part is that the scary aliens will notice you and figure out how to harm and ruin you. You and the aliens will have an exciting competition because both of you are great at shooting and defending yourself. Let’s keep going and win for ourselves.

mr autofire 1

Strange and unexplainable event

You really love going on adventures and trying new things. Now you are trying to conquer the interesting alien world. This trip will take players to new difficulties, with new mysterious travels. This trip will have surprising new things that players won’t anticipate.

The player will come across many different strange creatures from outer space. They will quickly attack if they see someone they don’t know. And, of course, it won’t be a shock to you when they launch an attack. The interesting thing is that your small bag has a lot of guns inside. Different guns have different features, and they can be useful for shooting and getting rid of odd people.

Conquer Powder

Besides the guns you already own, the game will also provide you with better and more powerful guns. These are the tools you must have in any battle. is a title used before a man’s name. Autofire gives you a spaceship to use if something unexpected happens, so you can stay safe and hidden. The fight will happen at each stage, and you need to try to complete the new stages in order to keep playing the game.

A battle that is tough and intense

Those strange people will divide into groups and come at you with force, sometimes trying to push you to the very last moment. Sometimes you have to find different secret ways to prevent those attacks. The game always provides you with plans or ways to solve such situations. But you should win because you will have more weapons, get a valuable treasure, and have the authority to control that unfamiliar area.

What's new

Thanks for playing Mr Autofire! This is what's new:
- New element: Lightning
- Lightning Daily Dungeon - Static Saturday
- Lightning Hero: Zusara
- Poison Guild Boss: Slime Tyrant Blobbius
- World 18: Viridian Wilds
- World 19: Airship - Coming Soon
- Premium Boots: Grounding Boots
- Premium Gloves: Neurolink Gloves
- New Magic Item: Tailoring Kit
- Reworked the Elemental Armor and Armorita
- Powerful perks are more common



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