MT Manager MOD APK (VIP Unlocked)

MT Manager is a versatile utility that helps you flexibly manage your files and the entire structure of your device (copying, handling folders, etc.).
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UpdatedJul 10, 2024
Requirements4.0 and up
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Mod Info

Vip Unlocked

Note: The clone can be installed alongside the regular/normal version {Package Name:}, useful in case you have multi-login activated, or need two separate instances of the app.


– Install MT Original, Then Install MT Clone Mod & Enjoy
• No Need to Login


MT Manager is a versatile utility that helps you flexibly manage your files and the entire structure of your device (copying, handling folders, etc.). The most impressive thing is that once you step into the program, you can edit the APK file like a walk-in-the-park thanks to the built-in editor. This application is also an excellent choice for programmers who work with files only on their mobile platform.

MT Manager MOD APK

Innovative and friendly interface

MT Manager’s interface has a modern and sleek style but is friendly enough to allow users to quickly become familiar with all the important features. The user’s interaction is also thoroughly optimized, and many attractive hand-he gestures maximize work efficiency. Of course, it offers several options for changing its appearances, such as Dark mode or significant layout tweaks for absolute comfort.

The ultimate all-purpose file manager

This application can completely replace the device’s default file manager, allowing users to work with different content such as multimedia, applications, and file types. It also integrates many new features that make working with files easier and more convenient, such as placing and creating specific shortcuts. File management features are fully and fully optimized with many advanced features not found in standard file managers.

Advanced file editor for CODER

The most impressive thing about MT Manager is that it integrates a program editor that allows users to directly edit or change the structure of the apk application. Editing seems to be suitable only for experienced programmers, so the application contains many conveniences necessary for complete flexibility. The editor, in particular, is nice, sleek, and modern, including individual keyboards for the smoothest experience for each programmer.

Built-in AI to run programs

After the user edits or designs the content or structure of her APK file, the application has a “run” function that checks everything. This allows users to safely save all structures before completing the editing process. This will automatically change the file format or convert the file contents back to the original format. That’s not all. Users can continue unfinished projects thanks to convenient shortcuts.

Link with other external storage

MT Manager provides comprehensive support for users to get the best performance from any APK file or application. This includes links to the cloud or backup storage, making transferring content and documents more flexible and convenient, rather than downloading everything directly. Of course, you can also use this application to upload your content to the cloud server or send it to other addresses or users.

Scan and organize your storage

The system’s built-in scanner helps users check file integrity and identify space in memory. This is a useful feature that works with external memory cards and can list all scan results for users to manipulate or process them. Thanks to its detailed and specific display, you can easily find and remove most of the hidden files in your system.

Encoders often use MT Manager as a multi-purpose tool as it provides all the resources needed to edit APK files. Best of all, it also excels at scanning memory and data and is refined to give users the best operating performance.

Main Features

– Portrait mode (landscape only in places)
– FTP client
– Viewing the java code of the VIP
– Support for Keystore and jks VIP signatures
– Search History
– Search in XML files
– Search by ID in arsc
– Support for several dictionaries in the translator (UTF-8 without BOM) VIP
– Removing and adding localizations
– Fast transfer of unique strings to the desired localization
– Batch operations (delete, copy, move, rename)
– APK Signature (disabled by default)
– Cloning of APKs
– Optimizing APK
– APK Encryption
– Creating a backup (.bak)
– Convenient color change in arsc
– Current Activation List
– Remote access via WiFi
– Decompilation / Compiling XML VIP (for a free 200-line limit)
– Editor ARSC
– DEX Editor
– Fix VIP files DEX
– Text editor with syntax highlighting
– Comparison of text files up to 500 kb
– View fonts (.ttf)
– Executing scripts
– Working with RAR (opening/unpacking)
– Work with ZIP (compression/unpacking)
– Multi-choice
– View/edit/delete/add classes, methods, domains, and permanent
– Baidu Translator
– Translator Yandex and Google VIP


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