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Mull APK is a privacy oriented and deblobbed web browser based on Mozilla technology. It enables many features upstreamed by the Tor Uplift project using preferences from the arkenfox-user.js project. It is recommended to install 'uBlock Origin'.
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UpdatedMar 31, 2024
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Mull APK is a privacy oriented and deblobbed web browser based on Mozilla technology. It enables many features upstreamed by the Tor Uplift project using preferences from the arkenfox-user.js project. It is recommended to install ‘uBlock Origin’.

Mull - Privacy oriented web browser

Mull – Privacy-Oriented Web Browser for Android


In today’s digital age, privacy has become a growing concern for internet users. With the increasing amount of personal data being collected and exploited, people are looking for secure alternatives to protect their online activities. This is where Mull, a privacy-oriented web browser for Android, comes into the picture. In this article, we will explore the features, advantages, and overall user experience of Mull, highlighting its role in safeguarding user privacy.

Privacy Features

Mull is designed with a strong focus on privacy, providing users with a range of features that enhance their online security:

Secure Browsing

Mull ensures secure browsing by employing encryption techniques to protect your data while it travels between your device and websites. It utilizes HTTPS connections whenever possible, ensuring that your communication remains encrypted and secure.

Ad Blocking

One of the primary concerns for internet users is the intrusive presence of advertisements. Mull incorporates an ad-blocking feature that effectively blocks ads from appearing on web pages. This not only enhances the browsing experience but also reduces the risk of malware and unwanted tracking.

Tracker Blocking

Mull goes a step further by blocking various tracking mechanisms employed by websites. It prevents companies from collecting your browsing data, thereby safeguarding your privacy. By blocking these trackers, Mull offers a more private and anonymous browsing experience.

Private Search Engine

To further enhance user privacy, Mull incorporates a private search engine that doesn’t track your search queries. This means that your search history remains private and isn’t used to personalize search results or targeted advertisements.

User Interface and Experience

Mull boasts a user-friendly interface, ensuring a seamless browsing experience. The browser offers a clean and intuitive layout, making it easy to navigate through different tabs, bookmarks, and settings. With its minimalist design, Mull keeps distractions at bay, allowing users to focus on their content without any unnecessary clutter.

Customization Options

Mull understands that every user has unique preferences. Hence, it provides various customization options to personalize the browsing experience. Users can choose from a range of themes, change the default search engine, and customize the browser’s appearance according to their liking.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Mull is not limited to Android devices alone. It offers cross-platform compatibility, allowing users to sync their bookmarks, history, and settings across multiple devices. Whether you switch between your smartphone, tablet, or computer, Mull ensures a consistent browsing experience without compromising privacy.

Performance and Speed

In addition to privacy, Mull delivers excellent performance and speed. It utilizes efficient browsing technologies to ensure faster page loading times and smooth navigation. With its lightweight design and optimized resource management, Mull minimizes the strain on your device’s resources, resulting in a snappy and responsive browsing experience.

Extensions and Add-ons

To cater to specific user needs, Mull supports a range of extensions and add-ons. These can be used to enhance the functionality and features of the browser, such as password managers, language translators, or productivity tools. Mull’s compatibility with popular extensions allows users to tailor their browsing experience to their liking.


With privacy becoming an increasingly vital concern in today’s digital landscape, Mull offers a secure and privacy-oriented web browsing solution for Android users. Its robust set of privacy features, user-friendly interface, customization options, and cross-platform compatibility make it a compelling choice for those seeking a private and seamless browsing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How does Mull protect my privacy? Mull protects your privacy by employing encryption, ad-blocking, tracker-blocking, and a private search engine. These features ensure that your data remains secure and your online activities remain private.
  2. Can I sync my data across devices with Mull? Yes, Mull offers cross-platform compatibility, allowing you to sync your bookmarks, history, and settings across multiple devices. This ensures a seamless browsing experience across all your devices.
  3. Is Mull available for iOS devices? Currently, Mull is available only for Android devices. However, there are similar privacy-oriented web browsers available for iOS users.
  4. Can I import bookmarks from other browsers to Mull? Yes, Mull provides the option to import bookmarks from other browsers. This makes it convenient for users to transition to Mull without losing their saved bookmarks.
  5. Does Mull support password autofill? Yes, Mull supports password autofill, providing a convenient way to fill in login credentials for websites securely.

Remember, Mull prioritizes your privacy, offering a safer and more secure browsing experience for Android users.

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