MX Player MOD APK (Gold, VIP Unlocked)

Powerful video and music player with advanced hardware acceleration and subtitle supports
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DeveloperMX Media & Entertainment Pte Ltd
Released onJul 18, 2011
UpdatedJun 4, 2024
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  • Gold Subscription Unlocked
  • AdFre VIP Pass Unlocked
  • Online Content Available

Custom Codec instructions:

Go to the Local Player Settings/Decoder/General
and tap the Custom Codec tab then select the mx_aio zip file.


MX Player MOD APK is one of the most useful apps for watching videos on your smartphone. It may be claimed that by simply installing this software on your smartphone, it has transformed into a sophisticated movie playback tool comparable to a PC.

mx player 1

You may use it in a flexible and customized way, and you can simply edit a video with it. J2 Interactive is a high-quality producer who has earned the confidence of many in the industry. They’ve released a slew of MX Player variants. This demonstrates that they have gotten a lot of good support and encouragement from the community. Versions are used for a variety of purposes, including customization, support, and bug patches. This studio’s attitude toward its goods is highly serious and excellent.


Android is one of the most powerful operating systems available today on most mobile devices. It is interoperable with a wide range of devices and is open-source, enabling the development of a wide range of applications. However, while its default apps are broad, they still fall short of meeting all of the demands of the user, who prefers to watch videos. As a result, even if the difference isn’t considerable, consumers are prepared to seek alternative supported apps and the greatest user experience. In most cases, the MX Player, a video player with several advanced capabilities, can provide users with some of the greatest movie or video viewing experiences.


MX Player is a video player, therefore the user interface is straightforward and uncomplicated. Furthermore, the app’s design is straightforward, and users may change the colors to give the app and the device a fresh look. The software is set up to automatically scan the user’s device for any accessible films or movies, which will then be shown on the user’s home screen. Not only that, but users can utilize the UI to organize their movies by sorting the locations of the videos, moving folders, and creating new folders. Users may, of course, alter the folder and video names to make it simpler to manage them.


When compared to other video players on the Android market, “MX Player” is one of the most reliable apps since it consistently provides users with a wealth of features and experiences. Users may interact with anything in a video, such as sound, brightness, and subtitles, as part of the video viewing experience. Everything is incorrect if you believe the videos that display your app’s homepage are merely ordinary files. The software is set up to recognize and accept several sorts of subtitles in a video. Users will have an entirely different video viewing experience compared to other programs after it has finished analyzing a video file.


To get the greatest watching experience on other video players, viewers must utilize the physical buttons or device functions. However, this program eliminates the requirement for the device’s physical buttons and has no impact on the device’s default settings. Instead, users may change brightness, volume, video position, zoom, and subtitles by using simple procedures in various regions of the screen. Yes, when the application has assessed the subtitle formats, the user can relocate the full subtitle to a better viewing position.


MX Player is not only the most basic player available, but it also enables users to easily import subtitle files for their movies. The software also includes a set of subtitle editing tools, as well as hundreds of fonts and colors for users to choose from. Furthermore, the software will support a variety of additional languages, and users will be able to easily switch between them due to a support toolbar integrated into the UI. Users may, of course, create a separate folder for all subtitle types and arrange them using the application’s interface.


MX Player is equipped with several sophisticated features and processes that allow it to handle video fast while also providing users with a more immersive viewing experience than other apps. Furthermore, “MX Player” is one of the first Android video player apps that use multi-core decoding. Test findings on dual-core smartphones indicate performance improvements of up to 70% over single-core devices, allowing the device to function better and avoid harming consumers’ video viewing experience.


“MX Player” will be an excellent choice if you are seeking one of the finest video player applications to provide you with the greatest movie or video-watching experience. It not only assists users in organizing video and movie folders but also assists users in analyzing subtitle formats and offers a variety of additional editing tools.

What's new

- Better support for USB OTG.
- Improvements on player gesture.
- Improvements on Privacy Folder landscape mode.
- Other experience optimization and bug fixes.


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