NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball MOD APK (Dumb Enemy, Mega Shot, Menu)

NBA LIVE Mobile Season 8 introduces a fresh new user-friendly UI, updated new Jerseys, Courts, stylish Player Cards and card Reveal Animations!
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Released onJul 5, 2016
UpdatedOct 26, 2023
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Mod Info

– Mega Shot
– Dumb Enemy
– Speed
– Gravity


The sixth season of NBA Live Mobile Mod APK is finally here. Decide how you will achieve greatness and build the powerhouses of the NBA. If you’re looking for a fun game that puts you in control of hoop action, try NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball. The game lets you create your team and compete against the pros. With a variety of game modes, there are plenty of opportunities to hone your skills and build your reputation in the NBA.

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball MOD APK

Game introduction

If you’re looking for a mobile basketball game, NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball is for you. It is a game that offers different game modes such as Events, PvP, Tournaments, and Season Modes. Additionally, the game is equipped with a sophisticated AI system to help you win the championship cup.

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball puts you in the shoes of a professional or amateur basketball team. You can choose from different players with different skill levels and stats. You can choose a player from our free list or create your player from scratch. Each player has their stats, positions, and tactics that they can use to improve their team.

You can not only draft superstar players but also improve their skills. This gives you the chance to become an All-Star player. Additionally, you can build your team by selecting players from different NBA teams. Each team has a star player who will earn rewards at the end of the season.


The new mobile basketball game NBA LIVE is the perfect way to experience the NBA on your mobile device. It gives you the chance to play as your favorite player, build your dream team, and top the scoreboard. The gameplay is similar to the original NBA game, but with a basketball-specific control scheme. Move the character with the left stick at the bottom left of the screen, and slide your finger on the shoot/dunk button to shoot. NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball’s gameplay is extremely realistic and packed with hoop action. Build your team and design your All-Star roster. You must use skill and strategy to dominate your opponents. Once you’ve assembled your team, you can compete with other NBA players and challenge their skills in world tournaments.

While playing as your favorite team, you must earn virtual money to unlock better players. This money is earned by crushing and winning events.

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball also allows players to buy and sell players. This allows you to customize your team’s appearance and compete with the best teams in the world. The game also gives you the option to customize your team’s uniforms and jerseys. Even though it’s free, you’ll need to spend a lot of time leveling up, so you’ll need a lot of practice to improve your skills. There are 4 different game modes.
Seasons, PvP, 3v3, tournaments. All these modes offer realistic 3D basketball gameplay with familiar controls. Plus, you can customize your team, design your players, and complete challenges. There are also events for training and upskilling.


NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball Game has many features. Its immersive gameplay allows the player to become part of his NBA team. Players can draft college basketball stars to join their teams. The game offers realistic and detailed player statistics essential for evaluating player performance and coordinating with teammates.

If you’re looking for free mobile basketball games, NBA Live Mobile Basketball is for you. The game allows you to create your team and compete with other players around the world. Players can also create their own NBA Superstar team.


NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball is a game that connects you with the NBA and lets you participate in daily challenges and tournaments. The game also lets you compete with your friends and gather players from different teams to build your perfect team. NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball lets you earn money and level up to improve your character. The in-game graphics are impressive, with high-resolution character models and high-gloss playfield surfaces. This game is optimized for medium-screen size phones and tablets.

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball has great graphics and gameplay similar to the popular basketball game. The player controls a team of players to score points against their opponents to win. You have to pay attention to your player’s parameters so that you can use their strengths and weaknesses to achieve the highest possible score.

What's new

Welcome to NBA LIVE Mobile Season 8! Update your game now to experience -

- Visually enhanced User Interface for better navigation
- Revamped Player Cards & Card Reveal Animations
- Authentic latest Courts and Jerseys

Create your lineup with new players and progress towards building your all-star NBA lineup today!



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