Nitro Nation: Car Racing Game MOD APK (Auto Perfect, Time Delay) 7.9.4

Nitro Nation: Car Racing Game MOD APK (Auto Perfect, Time Delay)

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Apr 2, 2014
Nov 3, 2023
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Mod Info

1. MOD Menu
2. Always Perfect Launch/Shift 
// Launch/Shift is always perfect

3. Auto Perfect Shift – Green // Hack automatically shifts your gear in the Green Zone
4. Auto Perfect Shift – Red // Hack automatically shifts your gear in the Red Zone (for some advanced cars)
5. Time Delay // Choose a time delay between 0 to 1000ms to make the gear shift seem natural (legit)

NOTE: Make sure you don’t turn on both hacks together, your car will stall! turn off always perfect launch/shift before you turn on auto perfect shift


The Nitro Nation Mod APK allows players to challenge themselves to race in two drag and drift modes. Each one has different gameplay and lets you touch your favorite cars from famous manufacturers.

Nitro Nation MOD APK

Nitro Nation is a racing game where you can find two main game modes with completely different gameplay to show your skills. Continuously increase your speed to reach the finish line faster than your opponents. At the same time, a large environment in which you can drift freely and try to get the highest score possible. We also have a large selection of vehicles from famous manufacturers.

Experience impressive racing environments

In Nitro Nation, players can drive many cars with different designs and feel the magical world that the game brings. Players are immersed in strikingly designed environments that characterize the modes in which they participate. A speed race where you can aim for the goal with only two cars, and a big space where you can show off your drifting skills and aim for a high score.

The player controls the car from a third-person perspective, and sometimes the perspective changes. Especially in drag mode, the player sees their car from the track but gradually transitions to a third-person view as the car accelerates forward. As for the drift mode, the perspective is completely third person and has more detailed control buttons than the previous modes.

Participating mode

Drag mode is the first mode you’ll find when you join a level in Nitro Nation. Two cars will appear on his two different tracks and the ultimate goal is to reach the finish line at maximum speed. At the same time, for this mode to work, the player must switch at the right time when the hands of the clock touch the green area of ​​the speedometer. So the player has to be very careful, and if the player shifts gear correctly, the car speeds up significantly.

The next mode that will help you show off your driving skills is drift mode. This mode focuses on drifting rather than driving like players are used to. So the environment also changes and grows. You can drive and drift freely in this world and keep score over time. You have to drift all the time to continuously increase your score with an ever-changing score multiplier.

Players can practice their skills and participate in online matches against other players. You can surprise your opponents with different abilities. Of course, you may encounter strong enemies with high driving skills. At the same time, there is also an impressive variety of vehicles that will impress you the first time you meet them, and the game also includes a list of various vehicles that you can unlock.

Unlock different cars from famous brands

One of my favorite things about Nitro Nation is the variety of vehicles you can unlock. You can find over 100 of his cars from various famous car manufacturers around the world. This encourages you to join the levels of the game and earn enough money to unlock your favorite car. You also need to improve your car’s performance. No doubt it will help you win many races.

Players will find many challenging levels with an impressive racing mode:

  • You will enter an impressive racing world with the change of the environment corresponding to the different modes.
  • In drag mode, the players will need to help your car continuously increase its speed through precise shifting.
  • Drift mode is a place to create conditions for players to challenge their driving skills while maintaining continuous drift activity to gain many points.
  • Players can challenge themselves with other players who possess different skills to be able to express themselves.
  • Many cars with impressive designs from many major car manufacturers and many optimal parts can be made for your car.

What's new

Hey, Racers!
Check out these updates for a better experience:

- When redrawing a blueprint, you can now claim it, redraw, or revert the results.
- The Events system got a technical upgrade — you can check all the details on how it works in the updated Help Centre database.
- Daily Quest issue and bugs have been squashed.
- Uncover hidden new content, gradually revealed soon.

Best of luck on the tracks!



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