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A fascinating survival in a post-apocalyptic world!
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DeveloperGarden of Dreams Games
Released onJun 30, 2021
UpdatedMay 10, 2024
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Introduce new virtual worlds, complete daily tasks, and explore different locations. Nuclear Day Survival is a story-based game where you solve puzzles and complete the story. You’ll also find a friend’s note to help you find clues to survive in this surreal world. When it comes to survival, users experience the game in a more focused and exciting way. The story consists of unexpected endings. And each location has a different atmosphere and exciting music. You enter a strange and unknown world full of crazy creatures, dangers and surprises. Gather resources to craft items and complete tasks. Play your game because it’s a real upcoming cruel world.

Nuclear Day Survival MOD APK

Play in the dark atmosphere of the apocalypse, murder, and starvation that surrounds you. In such a situation it is difficult to remain human. The central theme of this game is to ask the player how he can survive in such a situation. The game poses questions and makes him think about staying in the virtual world. Enemies are everywhere. In this game, he divides players into two types. And there are those who think only of themselves and try to survive.

Your name is Andrew in this game. He lives in the basement of his apartment, cold and hungry. You are responsible for Andrew’s life. You have to complete tasks and complete the story of the game. Enjoy the game and try not to die. Survive, so to speak. Nuclear Day Survival is the best survival story game where you have to complete the given tasks. From simple to complex challenges, users can collect the necessary accessories to complete the challenges. The inventory section helps you keep the right accessories for the occasion. Up to 12 inventory spaces.


After installing the game, I asked to play the demo version of the game. The demo version shows the atmosphere, how the game works, and an explanation. It’s about adapting to new environments and conditions. After the demo, proceed to the final version with new features and get a pet for free. That’s where the real journey of the story begins.

What's new

1) smoother character turn animation
2) Improved localization in English
3) Text errors fixed
4) Fixed Sam's mission
5) Fixed the Doctor's mission
6) Timur's mission has been fixed
7) Fixed the task Acquittal
8) Fixed a bug when robbing the deserters' warehouse
9) Changed all timers from 12 to 6 hours
10) Fixed a bug with endless tools
11) Fixed a cutscene bug
12) Fixed a bug with a jacket
13) Added the purchase of 5 glues for 5 tokens



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