Ocean Survival MOD APK (Unlimited Coins)

The ship sank into the sea after hitting a storm and you are the only survivor awakened in a lifeboat. Keep an eye on life stats such as hunger and thirst, collect valuable resources for crafting, create weapons for hunt and use whatever you have at hand. Expand your boat to build larger shelter and defeat sea intruders to your boat day and night. After all people can do anything to survive!
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DeveloperCandy Mobile
Released onMar 27, 2019
UpdatedMay 17, 2023
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Unlimited Coins


In Ocean Survival Mod APK, you are the only person left after a storm sank the ship. Keep an eye on food and drink, collect things to make stuff, create tools for hunting, and use what you find. Make your boat bigger to fight off enemies in the sea. People can handle anything.

Ocean Survival

The purpose of Ocean Survival is to see how long you can survive on the ocean floor with only water for company. Living in these survival conditions is harder than ever, as you’ll need to hunt and gather food. It would be best to convince yourself with a determination that you can stand up to this brutality. Although living in a faraway country will bring countless problems, you can survive. Fighting monsters was inevitable; All you needed to stay was the correct abilities. In addition to lunging at your opponent, crouching is a great method to avoid injury. You can make this trap your permanent home if you are patient and wait for the right moment.

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When you do that, the ship you’re traveling on crashes and sinks. However, you only have a limited time to save your life. In the future, you must accept responsibility for your safety and approach risks courageously to achieve better results. The terrible storm killed everyone else, but you escaped. It was a lucky break that not everyone enjoyed. Ocean Survival will occasionally put players to the test. Everything will be fine if it is on your level. Never give up on finding a safe place to hide or rest. You will deepen your understanding of the ocean and learn to adapt to its enormity as you go.


Players must actively seek out building spaces to ensure long-term success at sea. Tiny wooden houses began to appear. Moreover, as time passes, you can expand and modernize your fortress. Dishes, chopsticks, a fireplace, and other items are provided. To connect the houses, build a network of small and medium aisles. Planting more trees and placing more furniture will help you relax and unwind. Investing in a permanent campus location ensures that security is always available. Building a new structure and expanding your reach will prolong your life.


Marine predators such as sharks and giant squid significantly threaten players. They flip and rush to your front door to meet in person. They are sending you a threatening message with this, so stay calm for now. You can use this to get food if you attack and defeat the enemy. They are also very strong and hard to beat. Your weapons, especially bows, and arrows, must be large and complex. Giant bears are found not only in the ocean but also in the forest on the island. Be careful because all these monsters want to kill you.


  • There are different types of food and drinks that you can find and consume to keep your hunger and thirst levels in check. These include coconuts, fish, and bottles of water.
  • You can also craft items using the objects that you collect. For example, you can use a stick and a piece of rope to create a fishing rod that you can use to catch fish more easily.
  • The game has a day/night cycle, so you’ll need to make sure you have a source of light (such as a torch) when it gets dark.
  • There are different types of sharks in the game that will attack your lifeboat if they get too close. You’ll need to fend them off with weapons like harpoons or by building barriers around your boat.
  • You’ll also encounter other castaways who are stranded at sea. Some may be friendly and offer help, while others may be hostile.

What's new

Fixed some crash bugs of the game. Thanks.


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