Gunship Strike 3D MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Gunship Strike is the most immersive and realistic 3D helicopter battle action game available on Google Play. Launch the attack on the most dangerous terrorists now!
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DeveloperCandy Mobile
Released onJan 4, 2016
UpdatedSep 11, 2023
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Unlimited Money


Gunship Strike 3D MOD APK is a popular action game that revolves around helicopter battles where you need to shoot enemies using weapons attached to your chopper. As a pilot in your country’s military base, you are aligned for war with neighboring countries. In this game, you need to prove your attacking strategies, shooting and destroying the terrorists, and rival military bases. You can choose your favorite chopper from a range of options provided in the game such as Tadpole, Shamal, Raptor, Leviathan, Skimmer, Firefox, and more, each with unique properties like HP, speed, agility, and auto-aim.

Gunship Strike 3D MOD APK

Various Levels and Challenges

The game has multiple levels, each with a variety of tasks and challenges. To progress through the levels, you need to complete the lower ones and unlock the following ones. As you move from one level to another, the tasks and challenges become more complex, and you need to upgrade your chopper’s weapons and skills accordingly. At the end of each level, you receive the mission and destroy rewards. The mission rewards are the points you earn for completing specific tasks in the game, such as destroying towers, killing enemies, defeating the boss, detecting areas, destroying tanks, and more. Once you complete all the assigned tasks, the game is complete. The destroy rewards, on the other hand, are the extra points you earn by damaging the enemy’s territories and weapons.

Helicopter Controls and Weapons

The helicopter controls are on the left side of the screen, while the weapons shooting is on the right side. You can see the missions you need to complete on the top right side of your screen. The game also displays enemy location information and gravity change visual angles. Each gun is loaded with a limited amount of bullets, which you can upgrade for better aim and reload. You can also use missiles in critical situations. To survive gunshots, you need to defend yourself from the enemy’s attacks and collect medicines that float in the air.

Various Targets in Each Level

The targets are different at each level, which makes the game more exciting and challenging. In the Sneak Attack level, you fight with the boss, destroy warships in Sea Lane, detect areas to collect enemies’ data in Air Detection, and much more. As you attack the enemy’s arsenal at any cost, you become a pro player in the game.

Unlock Powerful Choppers and Upgrade Them

To succeed in this game, you need to unlock powerful choppers and upgrade them by earning more points. The game offers a range of choppers with different properties and weapons, and you can check each one’s strength in all properties and weapons. With the right chopper, you can win battles and progress through the levels faster.


Gunship Strike 3D MOD APK is an action-packed helicopter battle game that challenges your attacking strategies, shooting, and destroying skills. With a range of choppers to choose from and various levels and challenges, the game offers endless hours of fun and excitement. So, gear up, pilot, and take on the enemy’s arsenal with everything you’ve got!

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Fixed some crash bugs of the game. Thanks.



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