Offroad Legends 2 MOD APK (Unlocked Premium Car)

This is your chance to experience the thrill of driving Monster Trucks, desert Trucks and 4x4 off-roaders over amazing jump filled tracks.
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DeveloperDogByte Games
Released onNov 27, 2014
UpdatedSep 4, 2023
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Premium/Cars Unlocked


Offroad Legends 2 MOD APK is a petrol-laced, action-packed adventure created by Dogbyte Games, the creators of popular games such as Off The Road OTR, Offroad Legends, Blocky Roads, Zombie Safari, Redline Rush, and Dead Venture. Experience the thrill of off-roading like never before with this immersive game.

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Are you ready to rev up your engines and conquer challenging terrains? Offroad Legends 2 offers an exhilarating experience for all off-road enthusiasts. This game takes you on a journey through 64 diverse and thrilling tracks, where you can drive Monster Trucks, desert Trucks, and 4×4 off-roaders. With amazing jump-filled tracks, you’ll feel the adrenaline rush as you navigate through the obstacles and reach the finish line.

Cutting-Edge Graphics and Physics

Offroad Legends 2 boasts cutting-edge graphics and ground-breaking physics that bring the off-road experience to life. The game features more detailed and complex graphics than ever before, immersing you in a visually stunning world. The realistic physics engine ensures that every jump, turn, and collision feels authentic, adding to the excitement of the game.

A Wide Range of Vehicles to Choose From

With 16 ultra-detailed vehicles to unlock and drive, Offroad Legends 2 offers a diverse selection of off-road cars. From classic Oldtimers to modern 4x4s, each vehicle has its unique characteristics and handling. You can also customize your vehicles with various upgrades and modifications, allowing you to fine-tune them to your liking.

Four Game Modes to Keep You Engaged

Offroad Legends 2 features four game modes to cater to different preferences. In the Racing mode, you’ll compete against AI opponents to win the race. The Transporter mode challenges you to transport goods across treacherous terrains. The Destruction mode is all about causing chaos and destruction on the tracks. Lastly, the Lava Jump mode tests your skills in jumping over lava pits.

Realistic Car Sounds and Weather Effects

The game features realistic car sounds that add to the immersive experience. You can hear the roar of the engines, the screeching of tires, and the crunching of dirt. Additionally, Offroad Legends 2 includes weather effects that impact the gameplay. You’ll have to adapt to changing weather conditions, such as rain, snow, and fog, which can make the tracks more challenging.

Customizable Touch Controls

Offroad Legends 2 offers customizable touch controls that allow you to personalize your gaming experience. You can adjust the sensitivity of the controls, assign different functions to the touch screen, and more. This feature makes the game accessible to players of all skill levels and preferences.

Join the Off-Road Legends Community

Offroad Legends 2 is not just a game; it’s a community of passionate off-road enthusiasts. You can connect with other players, compete in online races, and climb the leaderboards. The game also features achievements that reward you for your accomplishments.


Offroad Legends 2 is a must-have game for anyone who loves off-road racing. With its cutting-edge graphics, ground-breaking physics, and diverse range of vehicles, this game offers an immersive and thrilling experience. So, buckle up, rev up your engines, and get ready to conquer the off-road world!

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