Oxide: Survival Island MOD APK (Mega Menu) 0.4.0 alpha

Oxide: Survival Island MOD APK (Mega Menu)

0.4.0 alpha
3.3/5 Votes: 58,638
Catsbit Games
Jul 17, 2023
0.4.0 alpha
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note: Use Core Patch


Oxide: Survival Island is a new game based on Survival Simulator. Here you are, alone on the abandoned island, where everything can kill you. Cold, starving, predators, enemies: are you strong enough to tackle all these dangers?

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• Own servers, which allows the player to save all progress without loss and increases the number of players on one server;
• Expanded map: wood, ocean, gas station and bases where you can find loot barrels;
• Friends system. Add other players as friends and see when they are online;
• 3 biomes (cold, temperate, hot). Attire is meant to protect not only from injuries, but also from cold;
• Improved construction and crafting systems;
• Diversity of weapons and ammunition;
• Cupboard system: you need to craft a cupboard and put regularly logs in it in order to prevent your house from deterioration;
• Improved sky graphics.

You are stranded on an empty island where danger lurks everywhere and you can die unexpectedly. Can you handle living in a really tough place with bad weather, not enough food, mean enemies, and dangerous animals. It’s time to pause, relax, and come up with a plan. The first thing we need to do is gather supplies and make any necessary equipment. The next thing to do is make a spot to hide and find clothes to wear while you’re inside. The third stage is when people begin to use weapons, hunt animals, and gather food. Remember, there are other people playing on this island besides you. Get some trustworthy people to help you in your fight. Are you prepared. It’s time to take action. Try your hardest to stay alive. Good luck to you.

Because you have control over the servers, users can feel confident that their progress will be protected, and they can play with more friends without concerns of being overwhelmed. Since you will have control over the servers, players have the ability to do both of these actions. The game now includes a bigger map with a forest, ocean, gas station, and bases containing loot barrels. It also has a feature that lets you add and play with friends. Also, players can talk to the characters in the game. Adding other players as friends in the game lets you know when they are playing. There are three main types of biomes. We wear clothes to keep ourselves safe from getting hurt and to protect ourselves from the weather and surroundings. You can change both the building and crafting systems in whatever way you want. It also has a better view of the sky and a place to store things. To prevent your home from falling down, you can use the cupboard system. This means you need to make a cupboard and regularly fill it with logs. The game has a lot of different weapons and bullets to choose from, which makes it very popular.

Now stop, breathe and plan. Step 1: gather resources and create tools. Step 2: build a shelter and make some attire. Step 3: craft weapons, chase animals and procure food. Don’t forget about other players inhabiting this island. Make allies to fight alongside! Ready? Steady, Go! Do your best to stay alive! Good luck!

What's new

- Added new location "Power Plant";
- Added new items: Hazmat suit, Anti-radiation pills, Turret, Gun trap;
- Added new resources: Tarp, High quality metal;
- Added the option to freely change the nickname;
- Added new languages: Portuguese and French;
- Reduced the protection by metal attire;
- Fixed a number of major and minor bugs.


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