Path of Evil: Immortal Hunter MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Menu)

Path of Evil Inmortal Hunter MOD APK is an RPG dungeon crawler for android smartphones offline activity. It has just launched excellent visuals and gameplays on the play store
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DeveloperTINYSOFT - slots slot machines & casino games
Released onJun 9, 2021
UpdatedJan 16, 2024
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Mod Info

1. Infinite Mana
2. No Skill CD
3. Unlimited Gold*
4. Unlimited Diamonds*
5. Unlimited Dust*
6. Unlimited Inventory Space*
*use even don’t have enough



Path of Evil Mod APK is a hunter simulation game to go into the dungeons to fight the evil forces. Players will equip each dungeon with the necessary weapons and skills to destroy monsters from weak to strongest.

path of evil immortal hunter 1

Path of Evil is an action role-playing game that fights with all kinds of classic dungeon monsters. Players will transform into immortal warriors to go to the dungeon to destroy the skeletons and find the monster’s owner. The appeal of the game lies in the character’s classic fighting. The hunter will go into the dark tunnels to fight and save the place that evil people are invading. The familiar gameplay of the role-playing game series helps players easily get started without encountering any obstacles. Those who have never played can also participate in combat roles.


Users can use the buttons on the right side of the screen to Destroy the appearance of evil in the Path of Mal. When your character catches monsters, he will attack or kick them. Once they are defeated, you can collect all the dust, gems, and gold items. And then, he will run towards the exit to complete the dungeon.


Path of Evil has many types of weapons energy and strength, from simple things like helmets, arm armor, shoulder armor, and chest armor. The character’s energy depends on two parameters: health and mana, and you will lose if one of these parameters is depleted.

You must attack and slash enemies with the equipped weapon continuous. You will receive gold and holy items in battle. It could be a treasure that appears before your eyes, or it could be hidden somewhere in the dungeon.


Players will encounter Dry skeletons move easily. but I have neither weapons nor strength. As you enter more difficult levels, you will face them but equipped with sticks. They will then level up by holding weapons and attacking. They will shoot fire and appear more and more, so you need to be careful. Each dungeon will have a boss and it is the hardest enemy to defeat.


Each level will contain attacks in items in stock, and you’ll be able to see how much it costs to get them. In Path of Evil, they can equip, upgrade, and disarm any attack. At level 1, the user can have lightning and it will cost six mana. They can then go outside and enter the dungeon to fight the apparitions.

Path of Evil has a very intriguing concept. The game recreates dungeon battle scenes but all objects are arranged very clearly and neatly. Therefore, players will feel easy to understand and can start playing immediately because the character creation context, skills and weapons are recreated in an easy-to-understand and eye-catching way. You play as a powerful warrior who roams the dungeons without fear of danger and uses all your skills to destroy the forces of darkness. Your mission is to find the monsters hiding in the dark dungeon to destroy and bring peace to the kingdom.


  • The familiar role-playing game genre fighting the enemy
  • Fantasy dungeon setting to add drama to players
  • The monsters are of tremendous strength and power, with three bosses in each dungeon and two secret levels
  • Set up characters with diverse classes such as Evil Druid or Sacred Sorceress and suitable weapons
  • Many legendary and customizable items to adapt to the mobile environment

What's new

Brand new combat system with great focus on action aspect of battle.
Complete overhaul of magic and spells.
Various bugfixes and optimizations.


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