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Explore Pepi Wonder World, discover magic island and become a fantasy story maker with your favorite magic characters: princesses, dragons, pirates, knights, witches and dozens other.
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DeveloperPepi Play
Released onOct 26, 2018
UpdatedMay 21, 2024
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Explore Pepi Wonder World, discover magic island and become a fantasy story maker with your favorite magic characters: princesses, dragons, pirates, knights, witches and dozens other.

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Pepi Wonder World invites you to immerse yourself in a vibrant fantasy universe where creativity and storytelling are only limited by your imagination. This enchanting game offers a unique blend of exploration and play, perfect for children and adults alike to craft their very own fairy tale adventures.

A World of Fantasy and Adventure

King’s Castle: Dive into a regal setting in the King’s Castle, complete with dungeons, stables, and a royal throne room. Here, players can engage with beloved folk tale characters, dress up princesses and knights, indulge in cooking royal dishes, and uncover numerous secrets throughout the palace.

Dwarf Mountain: Inspired by classic fantasy tales, Dwarf Mountain is home to the Dragon’s Treasure Cave, Princess Tower, Magic Garden, and Gnomish mines. Explore its deep tunnels, cultivate magical plants, craft beautiful garments and jewels, and unearth hidden treasures.

Witch House: Experience the thrill of Halloween every day at the Witch House. This spooky island allows you to craft your own eerie stories with witches, mix potions, and create both monstrous and delightful creatures for your tales.

Dragon Playground: Situated above the clouds, this whimsical area is a haven for dragons. Players can design friendly dragons, empower them with unique abilities, play dragon-themed games, and construct homes in the sky.

Sky Sailor Village: Embrace the life of crafty adventurers in this peaceful community. Whether tending to animals, crafting fantasy skyships, or exploring the clouds, there’s always something new to create and discover while fending off pirates.

Bunny Garden: A vibrant spot teeming with life, here you can grow fruits and flowers, care for animals, and even create your own paints to decorate the island and greet the Bunny family.

Santa’s Workshop: Celebrate the spirit of Christmas year-round in Santa’s Workshop, where the joy of gift-giving and wrapping never ceases.

Creative Play and Key Features

Pepi Wonder World stands out as a hub of creativity, offering over 200 characters ranging from charming princesses to mischievous witches, and from gentle bunnies to mighty dragons. Each island is designed to foster imagination through interactive features like playgrounds, workshops, and gardens.

Players can collect stickers across four categories—Wonder Pets, Wonder Plants, Wonders of Fashion, and Wonder Arms. The game encourages you to design your own worlds, complete with custom characters, fantastical buildings, and interactive ships.

The Benefits of Pretend Play

Engaging in pretend play is crucial for developing social, emotional, and cognitive skills. It aids in vocabulary expansion and boosts creative thinking. Pepi Wonder World promotes these developmental benefits by encouraging players to create and narrate their own fantasy stories. The game’s multitouch feature makes it easy for family members to join in on the fun, enhancing the interactive experience.

Join the Adventure

Pepi Wonder World is more than just a game; it’s a gateway to a realm of enchantment and creativity where every visit brings a new story to life. Whether you’re interacting with magical creatures, discovering hidden treasures, or creating your own fairy tale, there’s always something magical to do.

Download Pepi Wonder World today and start crafting your own unique tales in this expansive fantasy world!

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