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Pixiv MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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pixiv Inc.
Oct 10, 2023
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● Ads Removed
● History Removed from Drawer (Server Sided Feature)
● PixiVision Frame Removed from Home Illustrations and Manga Views
● 2 Shortcuts Added to Drawer:
• PixiVision – All
• PixiVision – Manga
● Search by Popularity doesn’t work.
● Unlimited Mutes


Pixiv MOD APK, also known as Pikushibu, is an online social network based in Japan that provides a platform for creative individuals such as mangaka, painters, and novelists to publish and showcase their works. The app also allows other users and artists to provide feedback, ratings, and discussions on the works.

pixiv Mod Apk

Unlimited Personal Work Posting

One of the great features of Pixiv MOD APK is that there is no limit to the number of photographs you can post. However, each submission requires a five-minute waiting period. Additionally, users can see how well their images performed by looking at the aggregated statistics, such as the number of ratings, comments, visits, and overall performance. Furthermore, if someone uses an image to respond to a user’s work, the five most recent visual responses will be displayed as thumbnails beneath the comments section. However, this feature only applies when the comment is directed at the user’s item.

Create a Comprehensive Profile

Pixiv MOD APK also allows users to create an impressive profile that showcases their work and provides some personal information. The profile page displays the three most recently submitted, bookmarked, and discussed images as thumbnail previews in reverse chronological order. Additionally, users can share their name, birthday, gender, country of origin, and a few introductory phrases. Users can also add a picture of themselves to their personal site, and other users can write comments on the photo.

Simple Tagging Ability

Another great feature of Pixiv MOD APK is the ability to use tags to link photographs based on shared themes and interests. Users can either use set tags or changeable tags when uploading images. Changeable tags must be editable or detachable at the user’s discretion. The tag function allows site users to quickly and easily mark photographs as favorites, which are grouped together in a unique style, utilizing criteria such as tags, titles, short image comments, etc. Users can arrange their favorite images in any order, view the most recently added or oldest photo in the collection, and choose whether they want anyone to be able to see their choices. Additionally, users can add people to their favorites in private or public mode.

Join a Large Community

Pixiv MOD APK also has a large community of people with similar interests and passions. This community feature provides a fun and useful playground for users to interact with each other. Pixiv Premium members can also use the site’s events community to organize gatherings at off-site venues. Only Pixiv Premium users can host events, but all members can see and participate in any public event. Premium customers can only organize one event at a time, and they can only plan for three months. Furthermore, the Pixiv event community can only hold Pixiv-related events, so all other gatherings will be canceled. The event management team can have no more than three co-managers at any given moment.

Pixiv MOD APK is an excellent social network platform for creative individuals who want to showcase their work and receive feedback from a large community of like-minded people. The app’s features, such as unlimited personal work posting, comprehensive profiles, simple tagging ability, and a large community of users with similar interests, make it an ideal place for creatives to connect and share their work.

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6 comments on "Pixiv MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)"

  1. Tuturu says:

    Any love for ios users?

  2. Tuturu says:

    Any love for ios users?

  3. K1N9 says:

    IOS users good luck on that..

  4. K1N9 says:

    IOS users good luck on that..

  5. Tim says:

    6.8 can’t install

  6. CunnyMuncher says:

    It works! this and the Sankaku premium mod will guarantee a lot of good nights!! ToT

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