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Can you infect the world? Plague Inc. is a unique mix of high strategy and terrifyingly realistic simulation.
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DeveloperNdemic Creations
Released onOct 4, 2012
UpdatedFeb 7, 2024
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Plague Inc. MOD APK is a video game where you can create and control a disease to spread and infect the world. is a special combination of smart planning and very real simulation.

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The virus has just spread to the first person. Now you need to create a deadly plague that can spread around the world and overcome any defenses that humans try to use against it. This will bring an end to human history.

Plague Inc is like a small world that has a health crisis. You are the one who has to save the people in this world. We will answer this slowly as we make new drugs; come with us on this journey. This game is popular because it’s about a global problem that is concerning, trying to find a way to stop something from exploding.

Global news happening around the world.

Plague Inc is a game that shows what can happen if diseases, like COVID-19, are not controlled. It’s a good time for people to learn how to respond and stop diseases from spreading. The developer made a free way to play the game on your device until the global medical team found a better solution. While you wait, try to learn about the game and pretend that you are a part of it. Start to experience how to prevent diseases in a very lifelike way.

The game’s aim is to create a story about how the pandemic spreads and teach people how to deal with difficult situations. Find answers and make smart choices. Big organizations like WHO, CEPI, and GOARN are helping to provide information and support to make things better.

Build on real-world experiences.

Plague Inc meets the players’ expectations by having advanced technology like artificial intelligence. It also helps players to control the basic parts of an epidemic. Right now, the system has over 12 different diseases, and each one has its own special traits and skills. It’s important to give the right advice and make a long-term plan for dealing with these diseases. This is more useful than ever. If you want to watch the battle for life again, you can save and download the video.

A new development in the pandemic.

Creating a world in confusion because the best way to stop the disease hasn’t been found, Plague Inc made it in over 50 countries, and they all need help. What will you do. There are many options, but don’t worry because every problem has a solution. Just like a campaign, we learn to adjust and try to find a way to overcome it. After you finish your work, you will be put on the leaderboard and your great achievements will be saved.

The new version’s comeback has brought something interesting. It’s more than just an outbreak and it’s spreading wider. Today, play a game where you save the world from a disease using artificial intelligence. Figure out how to control the zombies that are taking over the city, learn to survive in a dangerous place, and run faster to stay safe.

Hero, we are looking forward to seeing you.

Get Plague Inc app and demonstrate how to keep people safe in a community that’s spreading infection. Find the solutions and stop the disease from spreading fast. Players will learn about how to prevent diseases by wearing masks, cleaning their hands, and staying away from others. I think you will do these things. Give it a try now, and the world wants to see what you have to say.

Main characteristics

  • A place that looks real and has advanced computer intelligence (for managing epidemics).
  • I can help you a lot while you’re playing the game.
  • There are 12 different kinds of sickness, and each one needs a different way of getting better.
  • Full support for saving and loading games (28 saves available).
  • The pandemic has spread to over fifty countries, with hundreds of different symptoms and thousands of events affected around the world.
  • The game has leaderboards and achievements that you can use while playing.
  • The new game update includes a worm that can control minds, a virus that creates zombies, real-life situations, and fast challenges.
  • Can you help save the world. In our biggest expansion yet, you will be responsible for stopping a really bad disease.

What's new

Save the world from a novel virus emerging from the melting permafrost!

New Special Pandemic for Plague Inc: The Cure.

Race to analyse an unknown disease.
Adapt to the new threat with new initiatives, abilities and tactics.
Discover the mystery behind the Frozen Virus!

1.19.16 - Bug fixes and improvements.



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