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Planes Live is an easy-to-use flight tracker and aircraft radar app. It keeps you up to date with the status of your flight with the help of integrated plane radar. Turn your device into a powerful flight tracker with integrated flight radar! Check easily when it's time to go pick up your family members or beloved ones from the airport. Don’t miss your plane – use detailed flight status information. Watch aircraft move on the map with the help of flight radar in real-time.
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DeveloperMobile Heroes
Released onDec 20, 2019
UpdatedMar 10, 2024
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Planes Live is an easy-to-use flight tracker and aircraft radar app. It keeps you up to date with the status of your flight with the help of integrated plane radar.

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Planes Live lets you track directions and flight schedules from major airlines. This smart app connects to flights and provides an additional radar system to make tracking easier. The app also includes a series of unique flight suggestions that you can view in detail. The application also allows you to book tickets and track schedules to register at the most convenient time.


Instead of going to the airport to buy tickets, you can use the app to book them online. By booking tickets this way, you will save time and enjoy more special offers. It won’t take long to complete the online payment method; It’s quick and easy. You can also choose seats by category; you just need to go through security checks before takeoff. Travelers always feel comfortable booking online because everything is quick and easy.


Just enter your current location and score your arrival, the app will display a list of nearby flights. The navigation system will also detect nearby airports and make recommendations. The app will calculate the distance between you and the airport based on location. The application will compare ticket prices and travel distance to help you make the best decision. In addition, searching for airports becomes easier thanks to the popular keyword system that appears on the device.


The application allows you to follow Track flights from flight time to itinerary. This type of monitoring is used to determine whether these flights are delayed or not. The app always seeks to provide real results to its users, and as a result you will notice exceptional tracking capabilities. Each flight will be assigned a number and you can track the flight’s takeoff and landing schedule by this number.


Application provides new flight types notifications and allows you to track upcoming flights. Necessary information about the flight as well as any unexpected changes will be fully provided. The app also gives you information about airfares and upcoming trips so you can plan ahead. The application always creates a professional working environment and all information about flight changes is available on the home page.


The application will provide Provide weather forecasts before your departure date and on the day of your departure to predict if there will be delays. Users can see weather information for the area they plan to fly to, such as if it’s raining or if bad weather prevents them from flying. Unexpected incidents can happen when traveling and you should also pay attention to these changes. Configure weather forecast notifications so the app can adequately remind you.


  • Get detailed flight schedule with real-time aircraft departure and arrival information;
  • Be prepared for your flight: find Terminal and Gate updates with handy alerts;
  • Search for particular flights, airports, ​and locations on the world map with built-in flight radar
  • Get notified about flight delays or other changes: be aware of the flight status, canceled flights, new departure and arrival time, and more;
  • Check the weather forecast for a particular location or airport;
  • Track flights on the world map online all over the world: from aircraft characteristics and pictures to its route and schedule.


  • Unlimited number of alerts: get notified about air traffic;
  • Terminal, Check-In, Gate and Baggage info;
  • No Ads.

Planes Live is a flight tracker that will show all important info about your flight on a real-time map. Download the aircraft radar for free today and track flights around the globe!

What's new

Dear Passengers!
Fasten your seatbelts and prepare for takeoff with the newest version of Planes Live that includes:

- Search for live flights
Private and charter flights were difficult to find. You could see them on the map, but not search for them. We’ve added live flight search to change that.
- Flight suggestions
With this update, you get flight suggestions as you type.

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