Pokemon Shuffle Mobile MOD APK (High Damage, Moves, Anti Ban)

■ Introduction
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DeveloperThe Pokémon Company
UpdatedOct 26, 2023
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Mod Info

– Moves left frozen
– High damage
– High Capture Ratio Bonus
– No cheat check


With the Pokémon Shuffle Mobile Mod APK, players can experience relaxing puzzle-matching gameplay while facing various legendary monsters through exotic and highly addictive mechanics that few games employ for their monster-catching playstyle.

Pokemon Shuffle Mobile Mod

Pokémon Shuffle Mobile uses familiar concepts from the Pokémon world to give players a whole new journey in their careers. Now every battle is a combination of wits and puzzles, requiring trainers to demonstrate their skill to overwhelm all targets. Many activities and additional content will be released gradually based on each individual’s progress, promising to create the most exciting emotions in brain games instead of the mundane.

Ready to fight big Pokemon for fun

A player’s journey in Pokémon Shuffle Mobile is nearly endless, as each battle with a Pokémon requires Intelligence or better. A lot of randomnesses often happens too, and the general objective changes as well to match the pace of the battle or prepare for conquest. Additionally, each location the player passes through is full of surprises, with a wide variety of Pokémon to diversify the journey or introduce multiple conquest objectives.

Awesome match puzzle game play for added challenge

The puzzles in the game follow the concept of matching, but the mechanics become progressively more complex and require adaptation by the player. Even the biggest challenges always require finding and moving Pokemon in a specific order to get as many combos and points as possible. Many exciting changes will also give players a great opportunity to continuously earn points and complete levels faster to collect Pokemon for their collection.

Let’s catch various Pokemon with fun mechanics

In addition to battling Pokémon in creative puzzles, players should take care of catching Pokémon in every situation to gain more experience. Pokémon Shuffle Mobile’s catching mechanics are very complex, and instead of making sure everything is perfect, there is also a certain success rate that players have to weaken before catching them. Many Pokémon add special abilities that greatly affect the battle, but that’s what makes the gameplay fun and encourages people to always catch something.

Combine different strategies for effective combat

Interestingly, the game’s matching puzzle mechanics are all about combos, the huge effects players can create when combining units. Depending on the Pokemon you combine, the attack will grow or change, adversely affecting the target or prolonging the game. High-end battles display many other interesting effects, so players will have to be more flexible or creative to adapt to the pace of each battle.

Engaging events and challenges

In addition to regular battles, Pokémon Shuffle Mobile lets you participate in other challenges and big events to earn tons of rewards. These locations are also where the most intense battles take place when various types of Pokémon are unveiled to the world, allowing people to battle Pokémon whenever they get the chance. In addition, the rewards are mainly growth-enhancing items, which are advantageous for improving the strength of existing Pokemon.


  • A massive journey is waiting ahead for players to accomplish fascinating feats when battling and capturing legendary Pokémon.
  • Thrilling matching puzzle gameplay stimulates everyone’s creativity to new heights while utilizing their Pokémon abilities to fight effectively.
  • Capturing the wild Pokémon to finish the collection and even unlock new potentials while using them in upcoming battles with exotic enemies.
  • Combine various strategies for the most powerful and effective blows to targets while maximizing the capturing chances on the Pokémon.
  • Intoxicating events and challenges for players to take on and complete tremendous feats, and even battling with other players for exclusive rewards.

What's new

• Minor bug fixes


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