PowerPRO – Battery Saver (dfndr battery) Apk

dfndr battery is a battery saver app that helps you conserve your phone’s battery life in a variety of ways. It closes inactive applications running in the background that are consuming battery life while allowing you to select the ones that you want to keep open. It also acts as a power saver by controlling the brightness of your phone’s screen.
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UpdatedMarch 12, 2021
Requirements5.0 and up
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PowerPRO – Battery Saver is an app that extends the life of your device’s battery. It’s free! Save battery on your Android device and solve problems with excessive power usage with this app – one offering intelligent features and customizable profiles that helps to improve the battery life.

With PowerPRO, you can use your device more, send more messages, follow and like more posts, and save battery so you can talk more with your friends and family. Save battery and hold on to power and energy for the moments you need it most. You can also get information about the local weather simply and easily.

To increase and extend the lifetime of your next charge, install PowerPRO on your Android. The app is essential for those who cannot let go of their smartphone.

How to maximize your battery consumption PowerPro’s main features :

Optimization: A trigger on the home screen that will remove processes that you don’t use, saving power and maximizing battery. Super Optimization: this makes it possible to optimize your device by scanning the apps you have open and closing each for better battery economy.

You may also choose to ignore this feature for select apps :

• Lengthening the lifespan of your battery
• Spend more time unplugged from power
• Eliminate the processes after closing games, resulting in battery economy.

What's new

- PowerPro has a fresh look and a new name!
- It will now be known as dfndr battery.
- Check out our brand new app icon, which remains true to the PSafe shield, while infusing a bit of modern fun with a new color.


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