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๐Ÿ•Œ Accurate prayer times for your daily salah. Adhan clock/azan clock for each of the five daily prayers
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Released onFeb 22, 2013
UpdatedMar 10, 2024
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Prayer Times: Qibla Finder is a comprehensive app that offers a variety of features for Muslims to stay connected to their faith. This app provides accurate prayer times, Qibla direction, Islamic calendar and daily supplications along with other features. As Ramadan approaches, this app becomes even more useful to Muslims around the world. In this article, we will explore the best features of Prayer Times: Qibla Finder and how they can benefit users.

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One of the most useful features of Prayer Times: Qibla Finder is the automatic location and Qibla compass. The app tracks the user’s location and provides the location of nearby mosques using the Qibla compass. This feature helps users easily determine the Qibla direction, ensuring that they pray correctly. Users can also customize prayer times according to their preferences.


Prayer Times: Qibla Finder Provides accurate prayer times according to Islamic law. This app provides step by step Namaz instructions to ensure users perform their prayers correctly. This application also provides daily reminders about prayer times so that users do not miss any prayers, which is very important. This app also provides daily sunrise and sunset times. Users can use this feature to plan their day and ensure that they complete their prayers on time. This feature is especially useful for those who are fasting during Ramadan, as they can plan their meals accordingly.


Prayer Times: Qibla Finder includes an Islamic calendar, allowing users to check Hijri dates and upcoming Islamic events. Users can plan their schedules and prayers based on Islamic dates, ensuring they do not miss any important days. Basically, it also provides many daily supplications including daily verses, daily Dua and names of Allah. Users can recite these prayers daily to stay connected to their faith and seek blessings from Allah.

Discover Muslim prayer times in Islam, carefully created for the Islamic prayer timetable/Islamic salah timetable. Track Muslim salah time or salat prayer times precisely. Maintain your prayer timetable/today timing for namaz with our Islamic prayer timing for all muslim worldwide. Download now Islamic prayer times for Muslims to enhance prayer timetable experience. Islamic Prayer times for Muslims app offers muslim namaz time/Salat timings, Compass for Qibla direction, Al Quran book, Prayer & azan clock, digital tasbih counter & supplications.


– Athan times: Azan clock for salah namaz time in my location.
– Islam namaz times: Muslim namaz time table / Islam salat time table
– Islamic timing for namaz/salah: Today time table of namaz/salat in line of Islamic time table.
– Salah namaz time – solat timings: Full namaz & Adan timings for namaz/azan time for salat!
– Islamic salat time table: Discover All juristic muslim salat timetable in current location.
-Islamic prayer schedule: Access All Islamic prayer timetable/Islamic timing of salah & azan timings.
-Qibla Compass: Find prayer direction or namaz direction live with compass for qibla direction.
-The Quran Book: Read the Quran in English & Arabic.
-Digital Tasbeeh Counter: Perform online tasbih with our Tasbeeh counter.
-Prayer Tracker: Track your daily prayers effortlessly.
– Muslim Salat Timings: azan clock & azan time for salat timetable!
– Salah namaz time – solat timings: Full namaz & Adan timings!
-Supplications & Duas: Explore a variety of supplications, famous surahs, and meaningful duas.
-Zakat Calculator: Easily calculate your Zakat.
-Mecca Compass: Stay oriented with our Mecca direction feature.
-Hijri Date Calendar: Track the Hijri date alongside the Gregorian calendar.
-Islamic Month & Date Today: Stay informed about the current Islamic month and date.

With today prayer time for muslim app, set alarm for time of namaz & azan. Manage your daily namaz time table and set namaz time alarm. Islamic prayer times: Salaah times app offers all Islamic prayer times & Azan timetable for salah. Prayer time Islamic app offers prayer timetable of all Islamic prayers.


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