Redfinger: Cloud Phone Android MOD APK (Ad-Free Unlocked)
Redfinger offers users access to the full-featured Android phone instantly and boasts different choices about server location (TH, US, TW and SG).
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Released onSep 14, 2017
UpdatedMay 21, 2024
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Redfinger offers users access to the full-featured Android phone instantly and boasts different choices about server location (US, TW and SG).


Redfinger is a cutting-edge platform that provides users with instant access to a fully-featured Android phone in the cloud. With server locations in the US, Taiwan, and Singapore, Redfinger offers a seamless and flexible user experience.

How Redfinger Platform Works

Redfinger Cloud Phone utilizes remote mobile virtualization and virtual mobile infrastructure technology to deliver a native Android OS hosted on virtual machines. The platform’s core virtual ARM technology ensures that users can access a virtual Android device instantly, with functionalities that closely resemble a physical Android smartphone. The key difference is that the OS, data, and apps run on a cloud-based virtual mobile instead of a physical device.

Redfinger Features

24/7 Online Cloud Gaming

With Redfinger, users can enjoy uninterrupted gaming without worrying about disconnecting from the Internet, abruptly shutting down phones, or occupying mobile phone resources.

Seamless Compatibility

Redfinger is designed to adapt to various hardware systems and synchronize terminal data from different systems, providing users with a robust cloud-based environment for gaming.

Safety and Security

The app prioritizes data security by eliminating the risk of physical data theft or malware damage to core data. It enables users to store and operate data remotely when the hardware is running optimally.

Multiple Cloud Phones Management

Redfinger allows users to purchase and manage multiple parallel cloud phones within the same account, enabling simultaneous running of a group of apps and games.

Releasing Local Resources

By providing users with the opportunity to store data in the cloud, Redfinger helps free up storage space on physical phones, ensuring smooth operation. The app also boots and runs in seconds, saving users time when switching between platforms.

In conclusion, Redfinger offers a revolutionary approach to mobile computing by leveraging cloud technology to deliver a seamless, secure, and efficient Android experience. With its advanced features and flexibility, Redfinger is an ideal solution for users seeking to optimize their mobile experience without the limitations of physical devices.



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