Reface: Face Swap & AI Videos MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Reface is a top-rated face swap app with funny face filters and videos
4.2/5 Votes: 1,673,341
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Released onDec 23, 2019
UpdatedJun 14, 2024
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Mod Info

  • Premium/Pro Unlocked
  • Supports non google devices
  • AI Tools Section Unlocked

[Fixed] [Now user can save/share  Unlimited times per day]


Reface MOD APK is the #1 Face Swap App in Google Play. Create hyper-realistic face swap videos & gifs with just one selfie.

Reface Funny face swap videos Mod-1

Reface is a well-known global app that offers a daily-updated abundance of source videos, GIFs, photographs, and images. With the aid of our photo animator, you can create realistic face swap movies and GIFs with only a single snapshot. As you morph your face and become a new person in popular TV and movie clips, Reface will astound you. Using our face editor and face morphing technologies, you may become a famous lookalike or replace your face with memes. Reface is a funny meme creator that is popular all over the world. With the Reface software, anybody can animate a photo in a few simple steps and share it with others for fun.


Reface Pro Mod Apk is an internet sensation that allows users to work with selfies, videos, regular images, GIFs, and other media in similar formats. No, not spammy crappy editing apps. Reface is easier and more fun, and all it takes is a little creative motivation to get the point across.

A world-class app that allows you to swap faces to create realistic images and videos with animators available to all users. This app will take you to greater heights as it can transform your face into the most creature that has ever graced the earth. That’s right; you can be one of your favorite stars, a friend, a family member, or even a non-human creature that doesn’t look like you. You can also become the class clown and transform it into your favorite meme, so you can find something to laugh about during your dark and depressing days. All it takes is a little patience, a few simple steps, and a few friends to share it with.


Face switching is only one aspect of Faceswap technology. Your selfie is mapped onto another face in an eerily lifelike fashion with believable facial emotions and movements that genuinely seem like you, thanks to Reface’s face swap. Use our face changer to explore how it feels to have your face in leading parts in movies, television shows, and more. How are we going to do it? We’d have to murder you if we told you, but know that the effects are incredible. When it comes to face switching, our AI face animator works its magic in a matter of seconds.


Destroy reality. Friends, you’re going to freak out. Mess with your pals. Put your face on your favorite superhero TV star celebrity or meme GIF and share it as a video photo or GIF on social media or with friends. With our state-of-the-art face changer, you may alter your gender morph faces and conduct complex face merges. With the assistance of the face animator, share your work with the world and blow everyone’s minds with the talking heads you build out of your photos.


  • Use our incredible face-swap technology to transform your face into a celebrity or movie character.
  • Play with real-time gender and face swaps.
  • The face changer will wow you.
  • Send your fantastic face-swapped clip or humorous meme to messengers and social media as a GIF or video.
  • Experiment with face swaps using daily videos and GIFs.
  • Make photos come alive with the photo animator and share them with the world.


Face swaps have never looked better if you ask us. Did I mention that Reface Pro has been downloaded over 1 million times on the Play Store? We are very happy with the rating of 4.7 which is very high. But what are the best comments users have to say about this app? The ones that stand out the most are “great”, “interesting”, “works very well”, “very easy to use” and “my friends love it”. Many users also appreciate the Photo Editor’s ability to use the daily uploaded GIFs for morphing. We already told you that the community behind this app is obsessed with it. So it makes sense that they are uploading GIFs, videos, and photos every day. These media can be used for morphing, so you can turn your Discord serve into a rage in a day. If you want to download Reface Pro Mod Apk, download it from below.

What's new

Reface 4.6.1 Update Highlights:
AI Lab Unleashed!
AI Retouch: Smooth away imperfections, embrace your true beauty.
AI Photo: Dive into the extraordinary! Generate incredibly realistic photos with our new AI Photo feature.
AI Avatars: Still Here, Better Than Ever! Express yourself in ways you never thought possible.
All About You - Simplified!
Profile Tab: Your results, your way – all in one convenient space.
Update now and let the magic begin!



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