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Introducing Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise – your ultimate solution for hassle-free remote access! Say goodbye to juggling multiple remote connections and hello to streamlined efficiency.
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UpdatedMay 16, 2024
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Remote Desktop Manager is a practical and reliable software solution worth having for administrators who need to manage and organize all their remote sessions.

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Meet Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise, your ultimate solution for seamless and hassle-free remote access! Say goodbye to managing countless remote connections and embrace streamlined efficiency. This intuitive software allows you to securely manage all your remote desktops, servers, and virtual machines from a single centralized platform. With support for various protocols and cloud services, you can effortlessly access your digital workspace from anywhere. Plus, robust security features ensure your data remains protected. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or a business professional, Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise is the perfect tool to elevate your productivity. Download it today from our website and discover how remote management can be simplified!

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Multiple Connection Support

One of the fastest ways to get started is the “Quick Connect” feature, conveniently located at the top of the screen. This feature offers immediate access to Remote Desktop, VNC, and Web Browser connections, even for first-time users unfamiliar with Remote Desktop Manager. Beyond “Quick Connect,” you will find a user-friendly interface with an initial set of buttons to help you quickly create new groups and sessions.

Key Features of Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise Edition

Comprehensive Connection Support

  • Multiple Session Types: Effortlessly connect to various session types, including RDP, SSH, and VNC.
  • Password Management: Save and organize all your passwords in one secure location.
  • Password Manager Integration: Seamlessly integrate with existing password managers for added convenience.
  • Centralized Connections: Share and centralize all your remote connections for efficient management.

Enhanced Security

  • Encryption Algorithms: Secure your organization using the most advanced encryption algorithms.
  • Connection Logs: Monitor and review connection logs to ensure compliance and security.
  • Sensitive Data Protection: Safeguard sensitive information with built-in security protocols.

File Management and Sharing

  • Attachment Sharing: Share and link attachments with ease.
  • Folder and Cloud Access: Browse shared folders or cloud repositories directly from the platform.

Automated Connection and Management

  • Automatic VPN Connection: Automatically connect to VPNs for secure remote access.
  • Session Grouping: Organize all sessions into specific folders for easy navigation.
  • Quick Connect Templates: Utilize templates for quicker session creation.
  • Tray Icon Access: Gain quick access through the tray icon’s context menu.
  • Online Backup Service: Ensure your data is safe with automatic backups.
  • Automatic Login: Save time with automatic login to frequently used sessions.

Advanced Monitoring and Collaboration

  • Microsoft Hyper-V Dashboard: Monitor Hyper-V activity directly from the dashboard.
  • Shared Session Settings: Share session settings across multiple users for cohesive management.
  • Integrated Password Managers: Access integrated password managers for seamless credential management.
  • Real-Time Connection Overview: Monitor active connections in real time for better oversight.

Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise Edition offers advanced features tailored to businesses and large teams:

  • Shared Database: Share your remote connection settings within a company database.
  • Credential Management: Securely save credentials and passwords in a shared database.
  • Activity Monitoring: Monitor user activities through comprehensive database logs.
  • Enhanced Security and Speed: Faster and more secure than standard editions.
  • Flexible Licensing: Available in single license, multi-license pack, global license, or site license.


Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise is a game-changer for anyone managing multiple remote connections. With comprehensive features, advanced security, and seamless integration, this software is designed to simplify remote access while enhancing productivity. Download it now from our website and experience the ultimate solution for hassle-free remote management!


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