Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD APK (Weak Opponents)

Play Rival Stars Horse Racing for the ultimate horse racing experience. Care for and train your own stable of horses, breed the perfect champion, manage a homestead ranch, and race for victory!
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UpdatedApril 26, 2023
Requirements5.0 and up
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Weak Opponents (Impair your opponent’s ability in the game)


Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD APK from PIKPOK will undoubtedly provide you with an excellent horse racing experience on your Android device. Caring for your horses and breeding them is a must-have horse racing experience. Race your best horse and manage your corrals. Foster a dream farm and look after a variety of horses. Because Rival Stars MOD APK is a web-based game, MODDING for Unlimited Money is out of the question. You will find Weak Opponents here so that you may make quick cash with the help of a modified apk.

Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD APK


Rival Stars Horse Racing offers everyone the most relaxing and thrilling experience when they are in the company of beautiful and powerful horses. The game also applies construction or management mechanisms that allow them to develop their personal lives and create the conditions for their horses to fully grow. Competitive content will gradually open up to players, and players will have more fun as they complete the most difficult challenges.

Main Features

Grow your horse farm and meet your horse

The main content of Rival Stars Horse Racing is taking care of horses in unusual ways to keep them stable or healthy. The same applies to players, who need to keep fit, befriend their horses, and improve their mental health. Simple gameplay activities also help people bond with their favorite horses, breed them, feed them, and perform other similar actions.

Ride your horse and learn more about its nature

In addition to caring for horses, players can ride horses around the farm to gain insight into nature and the skills that face challenges to bring to the table. The game uses the most vivid and realistic 3D graphics engine available. Because it is used, everyone can feel the excitement while riding a horse with a simple action. Depending on how much time the player spends riding, this can have a positive effect on horse development and help improve emotional relationships.

Ride a horse and win all races in a tournament

Rival Stars Horse Racing gameplay is dominated by international horse racing, where players must compete and express themselves in each race. These races apply many interesting mechanics to stimulate your ability to properly control your horse while overcoming many challenges. Additionally, players need to know how to balance actions such as sprinting, galloping, and slowing down to secure the top spot when competing against other players or standing the test of time. I have.

Participate in events and activities in stunning scenery

Additional activities in the ranch area are always good for players to test their horse’s artistic abilities rather than speed. All of these activities lead to complex obstacle-filled ranches. Their mission is to overcome everything within the given time. Comparing the horse industry with other industries, you either need to properly adjust your horse’s behavior to save stamina or do everything in the most perfect and eye-catching way.

Upgrade your farm and get new goods for your horses

Ranch upgrades are essential in Rival Stars Horse Racing if players want to push their limits or improve their horse’s key skills. It is also the foundation necessary to restore the horse’s strength and health after participating in the most complex activities and races. You can design items in different styles.

Breed new horses with friends and other rare breeds

Breeding new horses is an additional option if the player wants to raise the healthiest or most resilient horse breed from the horses available on the farm. You can build relationships with and breed many races. In addition to breeding, players can bid on many of the rarest or most popular breeds of horses on the market, or purchase industrial horses to slowly level up.


  • Start building a beautiful horse rance that suits personal tastes and raise new breeds to begin a wonderful career as a horse caretaker or racer.
  • Spend time bonding the affiliation with the horse through training, riding, and interacting with gentle actions or feeding the horse’s favorite foods.
  • Participate in the fiercest races with other players and expresses extraordinary horse riding skills to win generous prizes for further development.
  • Ride with your favorite horses through countryside events or activities that emphasize riding skills while overcoming other contenders’ records.
  • Breed new horse species or genes with available horses or from the friends’ ranches for more beneficial situations, and even auction for precious breeds.


Rival Stars Horse Racing is one of the best games. With the theme of horse riding, we will continue to entertain players by developing many exciting contents. The activities included in the gameplay are also innovative, and many variations allow everyone to enjoy the game in different styles that suit them.


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