Room Temperature Thermometer MOD APK (No Ads, Unlocked)

The room temperature thermometer app helps users get room temperature of a room or surrounding environments like an indoor thermostat or thermometer works.
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DeveloperMaster Technologis
Released onJul 8, 2017
UpdatedMay 23, 2024
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Room Temperature Thermometer helps you to get estimate the room temperature of the room or your environment.

Room Temperature Thermometer

*Available Features*
Room Temperature on Home Screen with Fahrenheit as major and Celsius as minor size by default. Room Temperature settings can be used to change units.

=> Record temperature local
=> Record temperature on Web Server
=> Thermometer like real-time IOT device for free
=> Export recorded temperature report.
=> Auto accuracy
=> View Real-time temperature on your computer any time from your Android Phone

Room Temperature has the feature of recording periodically for a Maximum time frame.

Room Temperature reports can be exported in CSV text format that can be shared over email.

Room Temperature has the feature of weather with the city name and current location.

You can use auto-calibrate to achieve more accuracy.

Room Temperature supports current weather with an accuracy of up to 5 meters.

Daily Optional weather notification feature is available to use.

Room Temperature has to save temperature as history.

*How to Use*
Room Temperature
To get better results in the temperature you need to put your phone idle for a few minutes (Even not in a charging state), and your phone will show your room temperature with an accuracy of
±3 ºC.
Recommended: We suggest you use the Room Temperature Report Feature for maximum hours and keep the phone idle that time, then generated report will clear you how after some time Room Temperature show results with higher accuracy.

By simply putting city initials users can get an outdoor weather report. In case of city initials not working user can use the current location to get
=> Hourly Forecasts
=> weather forecasts.
=> Humidity
=> Dew Point
=> Wind Speed, Directions, Visibility, Gust speed

How its work
To get your room temperature this application checks for the availability of an ambient temperature sensor to get accurate results but when an ambient thermometer sensor is not available then your phone’s internal component’s temperature is used.

No Temperature Sensor is required.



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