Rooms of Doom MOD APK (Unlimited Gold, Golden Box)

The most exciting collection of mini games known to Man! Crafted by the evil scientist Dr. Doom:
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DeveloperYodo1 Games
UpdatedMay 22, 2023
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Mod Info

1. Unlimited Gold
2. Unlimited Golden Box
3. No Ads


The Rooms of Doom Mod APK takes you to a lab where you solve puzzles with amazing creatures. They look like a mix of two things and are good at helping you travel far.


Rooms of Doom is a really fun game where you and other people have to race non-stop and beat lots of obstacles. You will face challenges and each place has its own difficulties that you should deal with. Every level has things for you to collect that can help you find more powerful creatures.

A scientist made weird animals.

At the start of Rooms of Doom, you will meet a smart person who made a weird creature. They’re going on a trip to beat all the tough tests in the lab. You notice something strange about this scientist because the first thing they made was a cat-inside-a-cat. Everyone in the game has special abilities that can help you beat difficult levels if you use your own skills well.

It moves on a flat surface and plays like a regular game, but it also has the feature of going on endlessly. You must not let anything block or harm the game screen. This game may seem easy at first, but it can be challenging to become really good at it. They will face difficulties many times and slowly develop very good abilities to react quickly.

You will experience different stages.

There are many rooms in Rooms of Doom. Each room has different things you have to get past. There are things that can hurt you, like strong fists made of metal or spiders that are hanging from webs. It will take you some time to get used to these things and the new ways you need to be careful to succeed.

In this game, things get harder as you go along. You might come across some scary places and move faster. But if you can’t get past the hard parts, you can’t keep going. Whenever you go to a door, a new room will open, and something new will happen. Imagine you get wings that help you fly and you have to avoid crashing into anything. You will have to move faster to avoid getting hit.

You can access and use a lot of different creatures, each with their own unique abilities.

You will need to collect special golden hex nuts to help you do better in this game. This tool lets you discover more things like animals that can do different things. Their amount is very different, and some examples include TV Snail, Turbo Rex, Turbit, and many more strong creatures. You can learn about it and its features. For example, the Turbit skill helps you protect yourself by hiding inside a shell when someone tries to hurt you.

There are different versions of these characters and ways to get them. They’ll support you in beating difficult stages, and you’ll receive more cash as you advance to more challenging and distant levels.

An exciting experience appears when you go through many challenging levels:

  • You will overcome exciting challenges and obstacles on a level filled with run-to-infinity gameplay.
  • You will be accompanied by a creature with a hybrid appearance and possessing impressive skills that can be used in dangerous moments.
  • Besides the variety of obstacles, you also go to different levels and terrain to find a higher mechanism and movement speed.
  • Depending on your skills, you will collect different hex nuts to unlock impressive new characters.
  • Each character has different variations, and they will need to meet a condition to be unlocked.



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