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Root Call SMS Manager allows the blocking of undesirable incoming and outgoing calls and SMS. Some program functions require root privileges.
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Released onApr 26, 2015
UpdatedOct 17, 2023
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Pro features unlocked – no additional key needed.


Root Call SMS Manager allows the blocking of undesirable incoming and outgoing calls and SMS. Some program functions require root privileges.

Root Call SMS Manager Mod

Root rights are not needed to block calls on Android 8+. To use the program on Android 7. x with the latest versions of SuperSU, you need to put file to folder /su/su.d, set permission to read and execute and restart the phone. When using MagiskSU before Android 8, you need to put the file to /magick/.core/service.d(/sbin/.core/img/.core/service.d for Magisk 16.3+) folder, set permission to read and execute and restart the phone.

There is support for Dual SIM smartphones. Blocking is carried out at the system level, the program doesn’t miss the first call, the screen isn’t lit and there is no window of a dialer.

– Blocking incoming SMS and MMS on Android 4.4 above without appointment as its program for SMS processing.
– Blocking outgoing calls and SMS.
– Support the Dual SIM smartphones with the opportunity to set various parameters of blocking for everyone
– Private conversation. Possibility of replacing the incoming call number.

For calls, it is possible to choose a way of blocking “Reject” or “Not to answer”. For SMS at desire, it is possible to set the filter in the text (if the filter isn’t set, all SMS from specified numbers are blocked). For the division of several filters, the symbol is used “;”. If at the beginning of a field for the filter to put a symbol “!” all SMS not corresponding to the filter will be blocked.
For a filtration of numbers, it is necessary to create the list and to make it current.
The “Not to block” mode – all functions of blocking are disconnected.
The black list – is made blocking of all numbers added to this list, for each number it is possible to establish the parameters of blocking.
The white list – is made blocking of all numbers which aren’t entering this list, parameters of blocking undertake from list settings.
Exception numbers of this list are processed by the set rules irrespective of the settings of the current list.
At number addition in the list, it is possible to specify a template (“?” means any symbol, and “*” means any quantity of any symbols). For blocking of hidden numbers for number it is necessary to leave a field empty. It is possible to use regular expressions (have to start with “^” and end with “$”, only in the full version of the program).
There is an opportunity to use schedules – in set time the appointed list will be made the current.

Restrictions of the free version:
– No more than two entries in the list (it is possible to use templates, all from contacts, all not from contacts, numbers containing letters), aren’t supported groups of contacts, and exceptions.
– There is no scheduler.
Important system settings:
– Wait after boot, sec.
This delay is necessary in order that by the time of program start the radio module managed to be activated completely the telephone module. Typical value – 10 … 40 sec., but many devices work with a zero delay. If on your Dual Sim, there is no blocking on the second this, it is necessary to increase this value.
– Submode.
Point serves to control for hardware features of the device. Selection of a submodel at which the program is efficient can be demanded and the network on the device after the start of the program (reboot) doesn’t vanish. Reboot the phone after the change of a submodel. For smartphones on MTK, it is necessary to choose a submodel 1.
In settings, point, “About” it is possible to look at the current state of service, for successful work the SIM1(SIM2 for Dual SIM ) has to be green.

Integration with Tasker: for use of Tasker it is necessary to add “To start the application” as a task, to choose Root Call Manager, and to enter a list name into the data field. Thus there will be a chosen list will be made the current.

What's new

-According to the requirements of Google removed permissions to access the SMS and Сall log
Read the details about the possibility of using permissions to access SMS and Сall logs in the program topic on 4pda and xda.

-Fixes for Android 12
-Minor improvements and fixes


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